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Seattle Vs San Diego

So earlier today, I was talking to my friend Lonnie in SD. I told him how bad the weather was in Seattle so I decided to send him a picture to cheer him up.

This is what I sent.

This is what I got back.

I miss the sun… I miss the south… I miss Auburn.

34th Birthday

Being home for my 34th birthday is wonderful. Watching Auburn Beat Ole Miss, picking persimmons, and just enjoying time with family in the lovely weather of Auburn is just wonderful!!! Oh and how I love our family’s traditional birthday chicken and meatball noodle soup!!!

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Picking Persimmons

So returning to Auburn during the fall is just wonderful. Wonderful weather and wonderful persimmons!!! The two persimmon trees in front of my parent’s house is getting bigger and bigger every year!!!

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Wow, it’s Friday already?

This week just flew right by.  I can’t believe it is Friday already.  I still have so much stuff to do.  This week is pretty interesting.  I looked at many houses.  Some are very tempting because of the prices, some are very tempting because of the location, but I just have to found that house that I must have yet.  I wonder is it because I am valuing price too much? We will see … I will need to make a decision soon.  So… next week will be a super exciting week.  I will be in Las Vegas for first part of the week for CTIA.  For those of you that don’t know what CTIA is, it is the biggest Cellular Conference in the world.  Hopefully I will get a chance to learn some new things and maybe check out some new technology. The second part of next week, I may be going to NYC for the first time for a kick off meeting on Friday.  This should be pretty interesting.  So I will keep everyone updated.

Well, Happy Friday… oh and enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Tennis? anyone?

Amazing and super busy weekend

This past weekend was amazing!!! Super busy!

First the week before, we received some amazing snow dump in our regional mountains, so on Saturday, my friend Colin and I headed up bright and early in the morning for Crystal Mountain for some powder skiing!!!  We rode up to Crystal with Patty and met up with Lawrence and friends.  This is one of the few time that I actually hike up to a run and really enjoying it.  I have to say Northway is the bomb!!! The knee deep powder field was amazing… riding super past through the field and tree then down the cliffs and back to the lift.. oh … we did that for about 3 times.  It was an amazing day.

Afterward, we stopped by a spring on next to mile post 34.  Fresh spring water with a hint of beaver pee… ha ha ha .

Sorry … my lens fogged up in my iphone… but don’t worry.. the iphone is ok.

Sunday was another interesting day.  I was super sore from the day before.  I cooked some breakfast and was ready for a full day at home and then maybe go to the gym.  However, the weather was so nice that I decided to go and join my friend for a hike up Mount Si.  I looked up the stats on Mount Si and figure that oh it is only 4 miles … I should be fine.  Oh was I wrong.  After 6 hours later we made it up and down the mountain.  The 4th mile up to the peak was covered in snow and we had to find making sticks to help us up.  Eddie, the yellow lab, was a really great encouragement and I think he really helped us get up the mountain.  Thanks eddie.  Afterward, we all went to a Korean BBQ place in Bellevue for some quality time with friends!! 🙂  I think I will start hiking more.  I think it will really help me to reach my health goals.

What a bad day to be sick…

Today is a beautiful Friday.  Unfortunately, I’ve go a cold and I am at home drinking hot tea with a box of tissue and trying to rest and  trying to recover.

Another summer week flying by…

So another week in the summer is almost over. Yesterday was the hottest day recorded in Seattle since the record keeping began in 1891 and what did I do? I rode my bike to home in the 103 degree weather. 13 miles of super heat!!! I started with a bottle of ice water and when I got home the bottle was warm and empty. The water was pretty much warm half way home. It was so hot when I got home, it was 97 degrees inside my place. Ok Ok, I know all my southern friends will say that 97, that’s nothing. Well, all I have to say is try to turn of your AC at home next time the temperature get up to 100 in the South you will know what I am talking about. And Yes I do not have AC. Oh that’s another long rant.

So after I got home yesterday, I immediately head over to volleyball practice and stay away from the super heated house.

But the uniqueness of the heat allowed me to experience few new things.

1) I’ve never realized that my leather couch can radiate heat after baking in a 90+ degree room all day. It was not fun… very hot.
2) I started to find ways of cooling myself off at night…
a) cold shower…
b) wet towel over my head with a fan blowing
c) thinking about building a swamp cooler dude to the lower humidity of the day…

3) My shampoo became super runny liquids because of the heat… that was a strange experience.

What a unique day… Today suppose to be pretty hot too .. but we will see…

Hot summer nights in Seattle

For the last few days, we’ve been getting some record heat in Seattle. Coming from the south, I should be used to this but I have to say it is still hot. The high today was around 95F. When I got home today, it was around 90 in my house. Even now it is 83 outside and about 87 inside. At least in the south we had AC. But …. What I realized is that this heat really makes you appreciate the modern technology and realize that we (humans) are very weak. I mean we complain about a little heat. What do people do before the AC? But then again, they probably can go swim in the lake or the river anytime they want;)

enjoy the heat… My predection for the weather is that the cold front is coming in the Future 😉

Camera Clinic in Shoreline

So Yesterday I drop my camera off to this small camera repair shop in Shoreline WA. I been getting alot of little dust spots on my pictures. and since the weather is so nice it is really annoying to take pictures and then spend 30+ minutes on the computer trying to fix all the dust spots. So I decided to drop the camera off and get it cleaned. It is pretty amazing little place. They have been fixing cameras for 30 years. So today I brought my old Nikon camera over there for them to take a look. And it was amazing… the guy immediately told me everything about the camera and said that it was a pretty good camera for its time. Oh… I’ve got to tell Dad that, but I am sure my dad knows. It really got me thinking. The Nikomat FT3 was manufactured from 1977 – 1979. I was born on 1976. I think my dad bought the camera to take pictures of me and this camera is still good enough to take pictures today and even produce good pictures. I wonder in 30 years will my Canon 30D still be good enough to be appreciated by my kids? Probably not. I guess that shows how things are today. Thing are being built today to be instant satifaction and to be disposable and that is the world of 2009.

Two Days in Moloka’i

So… since yesterday early morning I’ve been all over Moloka’i. MoloKa’i is an island in Maui County it is North of the Maui Island. The island is not very populated, but it has alot of natural beauty. Moloka’i reminded me of Ephrata and central Washington. If you can imagine lifting up a small town and put it in the tropical setting and surrounded by tropical weather and atmosphere that would be Moloka’i. During my trip here, I have not seen many cars.. it is just so peaceful and quiet it is amazing.

I took alot of pictures, but it hasn’t all been uploaded yet. I am sure you will see the rest in my next post.

I don’t know if I will have a chance to come back or not… but if I ever want to get always from it all. I know there is Moloka’i.

After a long weekend of snow and cold..

After a long weekend of working out in the cold nailing up little blue boxes…

No no… not the Tardis
But these little buggers..
But anyways… this weekend was pretty crazy… I was working pulling cat5e’s in a crazy snowy weather weekend.  So after about 2 full days of working on cable pulling… today I am out sick.
But I will be fine… I think it is just a little cold… I will get some rest tonight and I will be fine.

Snowy Day

It’s an interesting morning in Seattle today. I woke up and it was all white everywhere. Snow everywhere about 3 inches on my car. Amazingly beautiful, except people here don’t know how to drive in snow weather. Slip and slide everywhere.

So be careful out there.

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer

It seems that spring time is creeping up on me this year. I woke up and look out this morning and wow… it’s spring already. The days are bright the temperature is around 40s… yes I know it is still cold.. but all the snow are melting :(. Sooon I will can’t snowboard anymore. I don’t know when I became a snowboard junkie… but I am … if I can I would want to go all the time. I guess it is a way for me to get away from it all.

Snowboarding at Snoqualmie

Yesterday, we had an Auburn Alumi Ski trip at Snoqualmie Pass. This is the first time that I went snowboarding at some place other than Mission Ridge. The day started pretty bad, it started off raining and just plain nasty. For a while, I was really worried about not finding my friends from the Auburn Club, but during lunch I caught up with them and the weather cleared up. The snow as a bit slushy, but it was still pretty good. Basically, we skied/snowboarded from the Summit West all the way over to Summit East and then back. It was alot of fun. I still like mission ridge, I don’t think I will be going to the Summit again any time soon. So today will be a day of rest and also to catch up on studying and also cleaning house.

Happy Sunday.

A Halloween Story

Happy Halloween Everyone… So … I am on my way back to Ephrata right now, but I thought I should tell everyone an interesting dream I had last night. So the dream started I was in a grassy hill with family… there might be another part of the dream before this but this is the only part I remembered. It was a bright and sunny day… we were all around having a picnic. The weather was super nice, you can see for miles. Everyone was looking my way… but all the sudden I saw an interesting cloud formation. It was a mushroom cloud just starting to form. I started to scream at everyone and started to get everyone to run… we could see the mushroom cloud get bigger and the mushroom floating up. We can also see the shockwave coming toward us. I am sure it is slower then it actually is. Now for some reason all the sudden we are in some neighborhood and we are all trying to find cover. We eventually went inside a house, turn on a tv and trying to get some information on what have just happened.

I think I was making up logic for what I just saw… but I don’t remember the results. Anyway… I remember missing someone or something, this is where it gets interesting, I was really sad that whatever I was missing was not there… so then I remember just to wish it and it will be there… so *bling* and there it was… I think a part of me realized that this is my dream and to make things go smoothly … I can change my events in my dreams…

I hope this isn’t just blabbering …

I hope this is a good Halloween story … take care and I will be home soon.

Fall is here and winter is near…

I must be like a big bear… because as the weather gets cooler, it get harder and harder to get up every morning. That really sucks!!! and I just seem so tired all the time. Yikes! I want to thank everyone for their encouragements!!! I will do better… go go go 😉

So… I can’t believe it is already Thursday… gosh… where did the week go?

Oh it is such a sweet day… Happy July. First of all it is really nice to be back in the South. So today my sister and I went to Atlanta to watch the Braves to play against the Baltimore O’s. It was an afternoon game so it sure was hot, but it wasn’t really that bad. Beside, this is what I called summer. Anyway… The highest got around 95 F or so. But the game was exciting and we drank plenty of liquid so it was fine… Oh and don’t forget about the sunscreen. Yes we had some SPF 3o’s on as well. We had some wonderful seats behind the 3rd base, right in the foul ball section. Yep, there were some foul balls coming our way… it even hit a girl.. 🙁 We were lucky to not to get hit… but everyone was fighting over the foul ball .. it was pretty interesting … it was like the sea gulls in Finding Nimo… “my my my my my” … ha ha ha … To top all the good feeling and good weather off… the Braves won 10 -3 !!! yeah yeah… 3 homers in the game. it was a good game.

Afterwards, we met up with my parents and met some relatives in Atlanta. It was good to see family. We had some wonderful dinner and ended a wonderful day.

oh but wait… when we got home we played some Mahjong and ah… it was a good day..

…. one more thing… today is my 4 years anniversary of being an American. If you don’t believe me look back to July 2002 and read my blog!!!! 😉

Once again… what a great way to celebrate my anniversary!!!

What is 280 hp, diamond graphite, black leather, with GPS nav system, Sat. Radio and AWD?
My new 2004 Infinite G35 of course!!! 😛

I know the car is pretty dirty .. I just bought it and drove it home from Spokane.. but I just had to take a picture of it and show it off. When the weather is better… I will get my car washed and take some better pictures!!! Posted by Picasa

I went to my first IEEE area meeting today in Spokane. It was pretty cool. The weather in Spokane was beautiful… just beautiful.. so here are some pictures. Oh also I have some pictures of couple of MICROMOUSE!!! Cool stuff!!!

It is Tuesday afternoon already, I am looking forward to the weekend. The weather is awesome outside and I am stuck inside. The health screening today went pretty well. I need to be cautious about my weight though. Well, I guess I have heard about it from my mom and my family already. Gee… I wonder when does this all happened… when did I became fat? well… I feel like I been repeating myself… I keep on repeating myself on my blog now huh? I guess there is just not much going on. Had a really go talk with my friend Dante today… it really got me thinking about everything that is going on with my life again. {sigh}

Do I want to be an engineer? If not an engineer then what? these are just some of the thoughts that bounces through my mind sometimes.

gosh… I guess I should concentrate what is a hand and move on …. forget about all the distractions. I mean should I even post my thoughts like this on my blog? I don’t care … I think it make me feel better just to write it down.

So what do I want to do? Simple….

I want to …