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Labor day weekend updates

This past weekend was fast and busy!!!

– Took off early from work and took some engagement pictures with Vicky
– Since Mom and Dad is visiting this week, we went to see Avatar for the first time before picking up my parents.

Mom and Dad Visited this weekend. They arrived very very late Friday night. During the day, Vicky and Mom spent some time together and Dad and I went on to watch the first Auburn game of the season. Yes and we won!!! It looks like it will be an interesting season.

My family and I spend some time doing yard work and cleaning up the garage. The garage is one step closer to being clean and complete.
I also spent some time in the attic installing my ceiling fan.

After Mom and Dad left on Monday, we headed up to BC to visit our friend in Vancouver. It was a short trip, but a pretty fun trip.

Busy weekend huh?

Two Days After Xmas and Four Days before New Years

It has been a pretty exciting Xmas this year. This year my family came up to Seattle to visit me and to celebrate Xmas here in Seattle. My relatives from Vancouver also drove down and stayed with me. My little 1000 sq ft. apartment was packet with 7 people. WOW!!! Anyways, on Xmas day, We all went to Steven’s Pass to ski and snowboard. It was great!!! I love it!!! It was nothing but powder especially the back mountain.

Entry 1330

After few years of blogging … I am now at entry 1330. Work has been busy… I was in Vancouver last week… and now I am back in Ephrata… I have a huge project that is ramping up… I am behind on my school work.. and everything else just joy and stress…. Something makes you smile some things make you frown…


Enjoy…everyone… enjoy your wonderful Tuesday!!! 😀

Around Vancouver .. part 3

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Around Vancouver… part 2

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Well.. I am finally home… but just tired… still got a lot to do… I still think Vancouver is very cool.

Around Vancouver

7-Eleven…. 😀

A view from my hotel window

I just got back from a walk around downtown Vancouver… oh my gosh.. this is such a cool town.
There is just so many things about this town… I don’t know… it feels like an asian city…. pretty clean city… I found a Super H here… and also I found lots of 7-elevens… 😀 I have not visit one yet… but I will tomorrow and see what kind of interesting drinks they have 😀

oh and there are so many places to eat but so little time 🙁

enjoy the pictures… they are taken tonight 😀

A whole weekend of school work and today a entire day of travel. Yep … I am in Downtown Vancouver, BC right now. It is beautiful here. The city is sooo special. I love the diversity and I love the beautiful lights. I am staying on the 28th floor of my hotel. I can see out to the ocean from my hotel room window. It really feel like a big city here… and oh guess what I saw… I saw a 7-eleven!!!! I know for most people it might not be anything special … but it just reminds me of taiwan… well.. I think I am going out to take a walk a little bit.

As for the meeting tonight… it was good. I get to make some new contacts and hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to learn alot more about the M/A Com radios.

It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog……. these last couple of weeks has been pretty crazy… but the good news is that Auburn won last week against LSU last weekend. As for me … I am like behind on everything. next week I have been going to Vancouver, BC. I will be returning on middle of the week. It should be interesting. November should also be an interesting month. I’ve already made plans to go back south to watch the Auburn Alabama game and to be home for a week. The first of the month I am also going to be in my CCNP class trying to finish up my CCNP exams. Woo hoo…

Wow… What a weekend. so… What did I do this weekend?

Of course… My parents are in town this week and boy I’ve been eating well. So this most recent weekend we went over to Canada. In particular, we visited Vancouver, BC. First of all, this is the first time that I have ever left the US in a automobile. That was actually a very strange feeling. I mean you don’t really feel like you are in Canada… but you are. So… I got to tell you, Vancouver was incredible. I mean the Chinese food was awesome. Everything was just so convenient. It is almost as convenient as Taipei. Anyway… after a day of feasting … We finally got home late last night.

I guess I will write more later… when I feel more like writing.