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Timemachine to a network drive in OSX 10.5.2

So… After many weeks of having my 500 G USB harddrive, I finally decided to connect it up to my Mac mini server. I want to have my OSX Timemachine to automatically backup to that drive. At first I keep on getting an error from the time machine after a few seconds of running.

The backup disk image could not be created

After searching on the net a bit … I found my solution.

1) mount the network drive
2) Select the network drive in the Time Machine Preference.
3) Run Start Backup
4) and look in the network drive that you are connected to in Finder and see what the file name is.
5) The file name should look like machinename_{hex number}.sparsebundle then turn off time machine
6) copy the name and open disk utility under applications/utilities
7) Under disk utilities create a new image.
8) Save the file as machinename_hexnumber that was wrote down in 5
9) Set the volume size to the size of the backup drive size. It can be smaller then the drive. I used 320 for my 500 gig drive
10) Volume format to Mac OS extended Journaled
11) partitions set to no partition map
12) and finally set image format to sparse bundle disk image.
and click create

Once the image is created in the network drive, run timemachine and back up now.

It will take a very long time the first time… but that’s it…

So who needs time capsule?

Oh … I almost forgot… Look what I got today… yep yep… I got my new toy… to cheer me up… I got myself an IPOD photo 60 gig. yeah… it is so sweet. I got it pull it out.. hook it up to my USB port on my computer, loaded the drivers and BOOM… my music on the itunes started to transfer on to the ipod. Even the smart playlists transfered. I really like it so far. it is a good design…. I should have gotten an Ipod long ago…:-) The only problem is I can’t put her pictures in my ipod photo anymore… 🙁 Posted by Hello

Well, this has been a fast and busy week so far… My entire family is in town this week. They arrived in Ephrata, Wednesday night. So that means I have been eatting really well. Work is still busy… But guess what I got from the help desk yesterday? a 512 Meg USB drive. I got the Cruzer-Mini to be exact. Pretty cool… I’ve always wanted a USB drive. How useful!!