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Super Crazy Weekend Coming Up

So… yeah… since Labor Day usually marks the end of the weekend, I guess this weekend makes it the last weekend before the end of the summer weekend. So anyways… School start next Monday and yes I move this weekend and boy, I have bunch of other events all going on at the same time this weekend. Yep… I think I am overbooked.

It is pretty sad… because I will end up missing almost all of them. So let’s list them.

– Mom is coming in town in the morning
– Picking up Keys for the new place
– SEC Football kickoff after work — maybe there but not for too long

– Moving day… Hopefully…
– Tennis during the day … going to miss… because of moving 🙁
– TAPS Dodgeball Tourny … going to miss… because of moving 🙁
– Skydiving with Leo’s … going to miss… because of moving 🙁
– Pig-o-rama … probably going to miss… because of moving 🙁
– A-M’s Going away party … probably going to miss… because of moving 🙁
– Evergreen State Fair … going to miss… because of moving 🙁

– All day Volleyball Tourny with Transient Spike (my company’s Volleyball Team) … I will miss that one because I still have to move and clean up.

It seems like I have alot of stuff to move.. but really I do have some but the reality is it is only two days and there are just too many things that is happening in two days.

Ha ha ha … I guess this is life in Seattle right?
I love it!!!