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Woo Hoo … New iPhone 4!!!

So about an hour ago… after an hour wait in line in front of the Apple Store in Lynnwood, I finally got my new iPhone.  This is my 3rd version of iPhone and I am pretty excited.  I am still very very surprised that I was in line to get a phone.  I am pretty surprised, but it was all a mistake on my part for not get it shipped to my house.  However, I did meet a very interesting person while waiting ini the line.  This gentleman is an iPhone developer.  He actually developed few really simple apps that make him enough money to quit his full time job and to go back to college.  That is truly inspiring!!!  His app is called “magic card”.  What is also very interesting is that he is the personal friend of Al Gore.  That is a shock.

Anyways… off to playing with my new iPhone  🙂

Woo Hoo I am at work!!

So after a little over an hour.. I am at work. Thanks for Colin leading the way. It was a long ride, but a fun one. I was pretty much drafting Colin most of the way, not on purpose but because I am slow 🙁 I think I do need to eat something before I ride in the morning.

Please take a look at my progress.

First bike ride to work

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Post 1600 … I’ve been waiting for so long…

Woo Hoo… Blog Entry 1600 … I think I will throw a blog party for May… hummm… maybe a wine and cheese party… interesting.. I am having some ideas…

So Today M-Flo released their new side project album. M-Flo Works Best III. It is all of their side project combined into one album with another CD of continuous mix tracks. So far it is pretty cool… and it even have a few song covers from the past… e.g Been So Long to a new song called For So Long… sigh… it sure bring back some memories 🙂

So yeah… I definitely have to think about how to celebrate the 7 year blog anniversary… pretty crazy.

New Glasses are in!!! Woo Hoo!!!

So after a full day of stuck in the airport trying to find a way home from Medford, Oregon. I am finally home!!! and when I got home and open up my mail box… look what I found!!!

Ping Pong!!! my new mailed ordered glasses are in. If you guys remember, a few weeks back, I got my eyes check and then got my new glasses prescription, so I decided to try my luck with some online glasses!!! after a long wait, they are finally in!!! Woo hoo… I am soo excited.
So after taking some time opening it … I finally get a chance to put it on.
… my first reaction is … sometime is not right? If I look straight it seems to be clear but my peripheral vision is a little mixed up. I am thinking at first it maybe just my new prescription.
After a while I started to notice that I am getting a slight headache.
I am beginning to think that there is something wrong.
So… yeah… my follow up appointment with my eye doctor is this Thrusday.. I will ask her then.
But I think it is probably the lens or the frame maybe too small. oh well.. the worst comes to worst I am out of $55.
so … here is a picture of my in my new glasses.

Woo hoo it is settled

Woo Hoo… I just talked to my insurance agent and all my stuff is settle and a check is coming my way.

NEW Place to Live!!!

Woo Hoo… ok… I got a new place to live now!!! It is confirmed!!!

So… where is it … where is it???

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So … Check it out!!!

What a game

Wow What a game. The suite was just SWEET!!! This was the first time I went to a MLB game opener and being in the suites was totally awesome. It completely spoiled me. We got food and drinks and a great great view of the game. To top it all off, the M’s Won!!!

Wooo hoo hoo..

Woo Hoo, Going to Mariner’s Opening game for 2008

So… for the first time… I get a chance to go to an Major League Baseball opening game!!! Woo hoo… I am so excited. Well… from work, we got a few tickets from a vendor to go see the M’s opener today!!! It is a 3:40 first pitch… so in a few more minutes… i will start to head over to the field. oh my so excited!!! I got my camera.. so don’t worry it will be well documented for my blog 😀

woo hoo … Go Mariners!!! and go Baseball!!!

My First Youtube Video

Yep, it has been a while since my last blog. Life has been busy. Let’s see… I had a chance to travel to Maui, HI for a project interview and yes just this week we got a response that we got selected as the winning consulting firm. Woo Hoo. I’ve also had a chance to travel back home to Auburn, AL for one week for Thanksgiving. Got a chance to go to toomer’s Corner after the game!!! Woo hoo.. that was awesome. 17-10 … Auburn has won 6 years in a row!!!! WAR EAGLE.

Oh .. and I got a new HD Camcorder!!!… I am usually not a video type of guy… usually still shot type of guy… but it is fun to play around a bit every so often.

oh… let’s see my second midterm is coming up … and then final and then final project. Yep… lot of stuff…

Oh… it is starting to get cold here… no snow on the ground yet.. but some snow on the mountains… let it snow … after all my finals and things 😉

well.. enjoy the video!!!

NICE… 22inch Wide Screen!!!

Well… when I get sad… I buy stuff… I am almost like a woman…. but this time… well… I finally can not resist!!!

Everyone of my friends bought a 22 inch monitor… so now I did too!!!

I have sooo much desktop work space now. it is sooo nice!!! I also am running duel monitor… so now I have my old 19 inch as a back up…. SWEET huh?

Yep YEp!!

DVP-642 blinking red standby FIXED!

So… as you all know… last weekend… my roomba broke because I was trying to change the cells on the battery… now that is fixed… My Philips DVP-642 DVD player also broke.

But this weekend… everything is fixed.
I fixed my DVD player but looking blinking red light on google and found some articles on a blow capacitor. So as an EE, I thought.. I will open it up and see. Yep sure thing… I had a blow cap on C316. So I replace it with a 1000uF 35v cap. It works perfectly now… yeah… and it only cost me $1.80 from radio shack.

for more details look here

So here we go again for another week… oh… uh… I will be in Vegas for most of next week for IWCE… SWEET!!!

Yep… I finally got some Atlanta Braves tickets yesterday!!! Woo Hoo…
Yeah… I am going to go see a Braves game with my sister!!!
Gosh it has been a while since I last watch baseball.. this should be fun.

I remember just the last few days I really enjoy my stay in Seattle, and now I am just looking forward to going back to Ephrata. Part of me wants to be in the big cities, but part of me is just saying that I am not prepared and ready right now and trying to force it to work while I am working in Ephrata is just expensive and stupid. So… Let’s go home and get some of my goals knocked out of the way and then we will go from there.

Oh as for my G35x…. oh my gosh… it is like a whole new driving experience. There are no more sqeaks and no more rattle. They fixed all the squeaks and replace the rear view mirror….. SWEET!!!!

So… I think I will be driving back home this afternoon.

Well, I have checked in… I have to wait here for another hour… but guess what? I think I found another free AP. SWEET!!! The best part is this one is fast too!!! Well… I am tired… I hope I get an upgrade on this leg of the fight as well. Yes, I have an upgrade from IAH to ATL, but from SEA to IAH… nope not yet. Either way… I will go on board and sleep. ZZZZ
Still a long day to go…

I am on my way home right now. I am in the Houston airport using free wifi… SWEET! Well.. tomorrow is another big day of work. I should be fully charged by tomorrow. Go… Min!!

Woo Hoo… Blog post 1100… Well… I should have a party :P. Well… maybe… work has been busy… I did put up some more pictures on my website. They are all older pictures… I just have been lazy and haven’t put them up. But now, I think I have a pretty good setup with Picasa and Jalbum… I should be able to turn around an event site with in an hour. Got to get back to work.

Well… I am back at home… wait… which home is it? ok .. I am back in Ephrata… that’s better. Anyway, the weekend was way too short… I spend just as much time in the air as I was in Auburn. Well, I have forgotten how hot Auburn is… DANG… it’s hot out there!!!

Anyway… it was good to spend sometime with my parents and my sister… We played some Majong and oh… I got a chance to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…. uh… it’s weird… that is all I have to say. Oh … if I have kids… I would let them watch the 70’s version.

So tomorrow is pretty interesting … we are going to get interview by IEEE Spectrum Magazine, about our fiber to the home (FTTH) project… SWEET…

soo… did I tell you that I been thinking about grad school? But my college GPA was kind of low.

DOH… I knew I shouldn’t have skip those classes … ha ha ha.

Well, I made it to the airport… I am doing ok… Seattle airport sure bring back alot of memories…. {sigh}….{sigh}….. it will be ok… I will be home soon… I will be with my family. Got to move forward…. no matter how painful…

So anyway… my presentation went very well today. Hopefully, I can get everything together … I think my idea will be good for the project.

I have been thinking about grad school… I don’t know if I am really the grad school type… you know… if I am really going to go… it would be nice to go full time… but you know what … it would be hard for me to give up everything and go back to being a broke student… yeah… it sucks to had the taste of spending money…

anyway… if I am going back to school… then you know I probably should not get a BMW… aaahh… a BMW…… SWEET!

Well… See you in Atlanta…..

I am really liking my Ipod Photo 60 gigs right now. So here are some pictures of my new gadget toy! So how does it compare up with the Creative Zen Xtra 30 gig? Well, let me just tell you. Creative Zen has all your basic functions as a MP3 player and that is about it. There is just no comparison to the APPLE’s design and the software integration. I use to just be a hardware junkie… but I now realize… a good supporting software is just as important. The Ipod and Itunes combo satisfied this critieria. SWEET!
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I use to look forward to Fridays… now .. it is just another day….
Today isn’t really another day… it is TAX DAY… last day to file your 2004 tax. …. unless you file an extention. As for me … I am already done and got some money back. 😀 SWEET!!!

oh … I miss you Hsiu Hsiu!!!