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DIY: Simple Snowboard Wall Mount

So, I was just cleaning out my garage yesterday and I decided to put everything in their place. I been thinking about doing something with my snowboards. However, the snowboard mounts are pretty expensive. After reading a bit on the internet, I decided to do it myself. So it is really simple and it works great. So for materials, 2 sheet rock screws and some electrical tape. I just wrap the electrical tape around the head of the screw and then screw the screw in to the wall with the electrical tape exposed. Then simply slide the snowboard in between the two screws and there you have it. A very low profile snowboard wall mount.
Take a look below.

1) My original idea and design.

2) Sheet rock screw with the electrical tape on one side.

3) Place the screw around 11 inches or the with off your board.

4) Slide the board in between the two screws and it should hold.


Happy 4th!!!

Only in Las Vegas in July!!!! Only in USA!!!! Happy 4th of July!!!

Gosh… I am sore today

So… yeah… I wasn’t hurting at all yesterday… but this morning I woke up and my shoulder is just sore… I think it is telling me t go back out to snowboard to work this stuff out :D. So tonight I am having my little National Championship get together. It should be pretty fun. Only 1 or 2 people so far that is coming. So… yeah… pretty lame. But oh well.. at least it will be a fun game!!!

Gosh… I think I need to give Johnson a call to give him a hard time 🙂

Two Days After Xmas and Four Days before New Years

It has been a pretty exciting Xmas this year. This year my family came up to Seattle to visit me and to celebrate Xmas here in Seattle. My relatives from Vancouver also drove down and stayed with me. My little 1000 sq ft. apartment was packet with 7 people. WOW!!! Anyways, on Xmas day, We all went to Steven’s Pass to ski and snowboard. It was great!!! I love it!!! It was nothing but powder especially the back mountain.

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer

It seems that spring time is creeping up on me this year. I woke up and look out this morning and wow… it’s spring already. The days are bright the temperature is around 40s… yes I know it is still cold.. but all the snow are melting :(. Sooon I will can’t snowboard anymore. I don’t know when I became a snowboard junkie… but I am … if I can I would want to go all the time. I guess it is a way for me to get away from it all.

A working/catch up Sunday

Today was suppose to be another day on the slopes… however, I decided since I could not finish all my work last night, I am going to stay home today and play catch up. :(. I got an exam coming up for my cert I got to prepare for and my two classes I got to prepare. I don’t want to be in the same situation as last semester and be super stressed. But it was alot of fun snowboarding yesterday… oh I just love to snowboard and listen to my ipod!!! it is just super cool.

Slippery Snow or is it just Ice?

Well, you know, it snowed today in Ephrata. So it is beautiful outside. While I was going to mail something. I ran up to the post office and slip and I was on the ground. Don’t worry, I was not hurt, it was almost like a snowboard fall… I almost did not fall… but the point of the story is that it is very slippery when it is icy and snowy outside. 😀

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!
Welcome to 2007!!!!… ok I know it is not yet for me when I am writing this but hey… it is 2007 some where in the world.

So looking back, I have accomplish some things in 2006…
– I turned 30… 😀
– I started to snowboard
– I got a new car!!! G35!!!
– I finished 3 classes this year!!! woo hoo

So… what are my goals for next year?

Let’s see…
1) Finish my Cert. Exams … if I don’t, my CCNA will expire … yikes
2) Start my consulting company
3) Start saving up some money for my future needs
a) a mac computer
b) an European trip
4) Start investing in stocks
5) Get all A’s in my classes for 2007
6) Lose some weight
7) Make over 6 digits… ha ha ha … yeah wishful thinking.

anything else… I am sure there are lot more stuff I should be doing and getting prepare to do, but oh well…

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

Short Week?

This week seems extremely short…. I mean … look it is already Thursday!!!! Well… a status update… I am still alive and I have one more exam left. Once I finish the last exam I should be good for the rest of 2006. Xmas is coming up fast and I really have not got all my xmas shopping done yet. I also have not had my xmas party yet… yikes!!! I still have to get all the picutures done for the kids before Xmas. Ok… Goal setting time. Get the exam over with and then get the pictures done. Throw a xmas party and everyone will be happy from that point on…. right?

On a different note…. I been thinking about traveling lately. I think it is because of the lastest Bond movie. I made me think about going to Europe and just see the world. Because of this I got thinking about Hsiu again…. I do still miss Hsiu Hsiu.

On a even more different note…. it seems to be a pretty snowy week on Mission. Great!!! over 10 inches so far… oh … got to get my exam done and then I can snowboard without care.

I don’t usually talk about work on my blog… but lately I feel like the things I am working on will not help me in the long run. It might help me here, but it will not help me if I want to be flexable. I need to get more experience on what is hot and what is needed out there and not what is dying and used only here. My boss says this new task will be a challenge for me and will be good for me in the long run… I don’t know… it just seems that … sigh… enough about work.

So… my little sister will be coming over this weekend. I got a new snowboard and we are planning to go skiing and snowboarding for 3 days straight. It should be fun!!! WOOO HOO!!!

I can’t wait until the weekends.

Well, I just got back from Mission Ridge… boy, today was a fun day. Today was my last day of snowboarding class, but it was the first of many other challenges. As expected… today I went up my first chair lift. Chair one at Mission Ridge. Then the instructor said… “you think you are up for chair 2?” I said, “sure, think I am ready for it” the ride up on chair 2 was easy, it maybe easier than chair one,but it was the gettimg down part that was the challenge. The view at the top of chair 2 was beautiful!!! you can see Mount Rainier for there. The sky was clear and it was just a beautiful view and a beautiful day. Then comes the challenge.. going down. I spend most of my time on all fours sliding down. There where pockets of awesomeness in me, but that was very short lived. There are just times that I can not get over my mental fear. I mean you expect me to go over that when can’t see the other side… yes there were some drops that were around 45 degrees or over …. well.. at least it seems like it was. Anyways, after careful coaching by my instructor, I finally made it down in one piece. But boy. Afterward, I continued to ride from chair one couple of times with some success… no I am not a snowboard expert yet, but I am getting better.

I just finished a shower… and my body is so sore. I have almost no strength in my wrist and hand for some reason, so typing this is so hard. But I know one thing.. I can’t wait until my next trip up. I want more!!! … It is just such a rush…

Any one wants to go snowboarding with me next weekend???