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Another Snow Day

The weather forecast said that today the weather suppose to warm up and snow will turned in to rain. Well… that did not happen. The snow continued. I did not mind at all. Get a chance to work from home and of course enjoying the snow a bit.

Another Wonderful Snow Day

Today is another wonderful day. The day started very early making dough for my chinese stuffed buns. With Vicky’s help we were able to make 18 buns. They were wonderful!!!
Check it out!!!

Oh it’s a beautiful Snow day today.

Snow day in Seattle

So a major snow storm hit Seattle this week, it is not as bad as the one in 2008, but still shut down most of the city. So today is actually pretty amazing. The sun is out it’s beautiful out, but below freezing the entire day. After working most of the morning in my office. I decided to take a break and walk around the neighborhood and take some pictures. The walk reminded me so much of my time in Ephrata, WA. The crusty frozen ground, the cool air, the patches of slippery ground. Gosh, I really miss Ephrata.

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Things I discovered this week

1) wow… there are sure alot of people riding Seattle public transit
I discovered that the bus system is pretty convenient in Seattle. I can take an express from my place to the train station in about 10-15 minutes. WOW… it would take me that long to just drive myself.

2) Slow Train
The train is always late and will always encounter delays. Rain, Snow, Flood, or even broken trains … in the case of today…

3) Business Class is worst than Coach
Only on the Amtrak can you pay more money and get a worst seat than coach. Trust me, if you are riding the cascade on Amtrak don’t take coach. There are power sockets in coach too.

4) Iphone earphones works on macbook pro
OMG… did you know that my iphone earphones works on my Macbook pro? I mean the button click will work just like my iphone.. it will pause, start, stop, skip songs with a click on the mic button. (wait isn’t pause and stop the same?)

5) Pathloss is really cool …
Ha ha ha … I got to learn something at work right?

Slippery Snow or is it just Ice?

Well, you know, it snowed today in Ephrata. So it is beautiful outside. While I was going to mail something. I ran up to the post office and slip and I was on the ground. Don’t worry, I was not hurt, it was almost like a snowboard fall… I almost did not fall… but the point of the story is that it is very slippery when it is icy and snowy outside. 😀

Snow in Ephrata

It’s snowing!!!!

Oh my gosh… it is snowing!!! YEAH!!!!!! SNOW BABY SNOW!!!

Well… Just got back from lunch… and I accidently tested my ABS breaks. I’ve also put my car in Snow mode… yes there is actually a button on my car that will change the traction computer to snow condition mode.


The G35X all-wheel-drive sedan employs a system Infiniti calls ATTESA E-TS, for Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All Electronic Torque Split. That alphabetic mouthful means that a computer controls an active center differential for smoother starts, better fuel economy, and better traction and maneuverability in snow. Most of the time, the system sends 100 percent of the driving torque to the rear wheels, so the G35X handles like a rear-drive sedan. (Many all-wheel-drive sedans are based on a front-drive system that biases more torque to the front.) Nissan’s system will divert up to 50 percent of the power to the front wheels if it senses that the rear wheels are slipping. A Snow mode, selected by a button on the console, locks torque distribution at 50/50 front/rear, and reduces the sensitivity of the drive-by-wire throttle. This is the same all-wheel-drive system used in the Infiniti FX luxury crossover SUVs

Pretty cool huh?

Snowy Tuesday

What a snowy day it is … it truely feels like winter now. I woke up this morning looked outside and yep … there was snow on the ground. It was a slow start of a day… I ended up driving to work. First day of snow and I almost could not stop at the stop sign. The ABS had to kick in and helped me stop the car. I came home for lunch and drop the car off and walked back to work…. it is a very good day to walk and think about things and enjoy the snowy day. The first day of snow is always so pretty, all the fresh snow are just beautiful. I love it. I hope it snows more. The bad things about it is that pass now requires chains!!!… I don’t know if I will be able to make it over the pass this weekend 🙁

Happy Snow Day…

Ah… the first post of 2005. Well, this is what I was thinking while going to work…

Ah… Snow … Beautiful… YES

Ah… Snow … Cold … YES

The temperature has been hanging around 20-35 F. So it is quite cold here. However, the weather has been pretty clear.. so in the morning when the sun rises… it is actually very pretty outside. But it is just darn cold.

Yeah… it is alot different from Alabama, which was between 60-70 during the day for most of last week.

So the good news is Auburn WON the Sugar Bowl LAST NIGHT!!! 16-13 against Viginia Tech. Woo HOO War Eagle. So tonight it is the Orange Bowl. OU vs USC. Don’t know who I should cheer for.. but it should be a good game.