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Traveling without a car today

I like public transportation. I like trains, ferries, and buses. I never really thought about why I like them, but I just like them. Today is a special day, I am going to Bremerton for work. My coworker will pick me up at the ferry terminal on the otherside. So, I am taking the public transportation the entire way.

Few things I notice, and maybe these are the reasons why I like public transportation.

1) The city looks so much different when you are on the bus.

2) When I am traveling without my car, I just feel so light and free. I mean I don’t have to worry about parking, break-in’s, and everything else associated with a car. Granted, I don’t get the excitement of driving, but it is good to change it up a bit.

3) no traffics to deal with. That is relaxing ūüôā

A day at Versailles

Today we went to the famous chateau Versailles. ¬†We woke up early to take the RER to Versailles. Oh and RER stinks. ¬†Anyways. ¬†We grabbed some breakfast in the metro station and jump on our train to Versailles. ¬†Today, the weather was pretty flakey. We stood in the rain to get inside. ¬†The line was super super long and after inside there were so many people we immediately realizesthat to get to the garden we had exited … What a waste of time. ¬†My comment on Versailles is that it is so huge!!! It took forever to walk around. We even saw people on Ez-go’s and Segways. ¬†The Versailles’ winter garden is really disappointing. ¬†I have to agree with my mom, it’s probably much better to come here during the summer. ¬†After a long walk around the huge garden, I was so tired from walking and decided to take the “little train”. ¬†On the transport something funny happened. ¬†We drove by a field and saw a bunch of sheep, and the girls behind us asked, “are those pigs?”. ¬†Oh Wow…. the person next to here immediately responded… “have you ever seen pigs eating grass? ” City folks… ha ha ha

Once we got inside the chateau, it was nothing like the chateau near Tours.  First of all there were so many people.  Just people everywhere.  Second, maybe it is because of our visit near Tours, I just find Versailles pretty boring.  Every room is just another room with different color furniture.  After fighting through the crowd, we took the early train back to Paris.

After returning from Versailles, Xavier took us for¬†Lamb dinner J’go near the Opera.

oh another wonderful day in Paris… tomorrow… the Museums!!

PS… see I am in new clothing today ūüėČ Finally got my luggage.