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My hearts and prayer goes to everyone in New Orleans and surrounding Gulf Coast area. New Orleans is one of these places that you always visit when new visitors come to the South. It is very sad that this has happened.

The above link is a blog from a guy that is in New Orleans and still is posting his prespective of the events going on in N.O.

Today is the first official day of networkers and it is my third day in New Orleans. Well, it is pretty cool to be back here in the south. I guess the only reason why I am saying this is because yesterday, I passed my BCMSN aka the CCNP switching exam. so I am 3 more exams away from my CCNP. but that will probably not happen until after October 29, because that is the day that I take my professonal engineering exams. Well, I am in a techtorial Session right now… so time to go to learn. I will try to have a blog every day during my time in Networkers 2004.

Well… finally … I got my Spring Break New Orleans’ photos up on the website. Please take a look at them and let me know what you think. I also added a slide show. Yeah… you kind of need that … with 117 pictures and all. Have fun.

Ah… what a wonderful time in New Orleans… I will try to post up the pictures soon. Anyway… I am back in Auburn now. I will be heading back to Houston tomorrow.

2 more days until the big one…

on the brighter note…. I confirmed our reservation for New Orleans this weekend. It should be pretty fun. I am looking forward to getting away from everything.