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Returning to Central Washington

This weekend is pretty special. For the first time in 2 years, I drove back over the cascades and back to Moses Lake and Ephrata area. Why? well, my friend’s oldest daughter is having her first communion. This is a special occasion for us Catholics. The drive over to Moses Lake was extremely special. I remember for 4 years when I lived in Ephrata, I was constantly doing that drive, so driving it yesterday brought back so many memories.

My friend is a super lucky guys, with 5 kids, I was welcomed by all of them when I arrived. I felt so loved. My friend’s house is a classic american family home…. super lovely and in this case super huge as well… I guess with 5 kids you sort of have too. His back yard was like a football field… huge back yard. The sun set last night was amazing. I forgot how beautiful it is in central Washington.
I do kind of miss all of this.
So just woke up to the smell of bacon and the sound of kids. Wow… what a life.
I will get ready for an exciting day in Moses lake… oh and hopefully will get some time to visit my friends in Ephrata too.

Wow what an interesting day yesterday. Yesterday was my first experience with a rodeo and I have to say it is amazing. I took lots of pictures and hopefully I can share that experience with everyone. It is pretty amazing. The bareback riding, the bull riding and meeting all the cowboys and party people afterward. The experience was just amazing. I don’t have all the pictures back yet… but I will and I will get it up on the website soon. I am thinking probably around Sunday. I have another full night of picture taking. Oh BTW if anyone seen a set of key near the Moses Lake Areana with an Infiniti key and remote, please contact me and let me know… oh please please help me find my keys!!!

Well, please excuse the mess… I am redoing my website. I hope everyone likes the new format. The biggest change will be in the photo albums. That will probably be completed by tomorrow night. Oh so… I went wake boarding today and took tons of pictures… over 340+ and many gallons of Moses Lake water and many many face plants. I will try to get everything do so everyone can see them tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

Emergency … Everybody out!

well, we were all just sitting here waiting for our flight to Moses Lake. and all the sudden the fire alarm went off…. well.. it actually was not the fire alarm but the emergency alarm. Then a male voice asked everyone to evaluate the airport. Everyone walked outside to the arrival area, stood there for about 5 minutes… and they let everyone back in. They have to rescreen everyone…. eek
they almost did not let me back in because I did not have a bording pass. I had a ticket.

Anyway… they are calling to board now.

Well… it is July 1st… today I will be going to LA to meet up with my parents and my sister. I will be flying out of Moses Lake. Which is pretty cool. It is alot more expensive, but it save me time. However, there are not that many fights out of Moses Lake. Like only 2 flights… to Boise and to Portland. I wish they have a direct flight to Salt Lake City. I bet I would get alot better connections that way. Posted by Picasa

I just got back from Terry’s going away party. Yes… our friend and mommy figure in the Zipp program is moving to a different position in the District. She is moving to Moses Lake office, so tonight is her going away party. I took my camera with me and I took tons of photos. The only problem is that I don’t have a USB2 card reader and it is taking forever for me to get the files off of the camera. I need either a USB2 card reader or another way to download the pictures.

Hopefully, you guys will see the pictures soon.

Trap Shooting in Ephrata

Wow.. What an interesting night. So this is fair week, and tonight is demolition derby night. I was planning to go to Moses Lake to watch the derby, but instead I went with my co-workers Devon and Ben to the Ephrata Shooting Range. I have never went trap shooting before, but it is really fun. Trap shooting is a shooting game using shotguns and an automatic clay pigeon launcher. Everyone gets one shot per turn and you rotate positions around the launcher. Basically, every round you get 25 opportunity to shoot flying targets. Fun Fun Fun!!!!! oh and don’t forget to scream “PULL!” Sorry… I was too busy shooting and didn’t take any pictures, but if you are ever in Ephrata, I will take you shooting. But I got to buy a shotgun first!!!

What an exciting and tiring Sunday. So what’s so special about today, beside being a beautiful clear day? Well, I went to wakeboarding with Terry, Tim, and Neal. Terry and Neal are both co-workers from the PUD. Mohan was going to join us, but something came up and he has business to attend to. Sorry, Mohan, you missed out. So we went to Moses Lake, rode by the sand dune’s area and had a small picnic on the boat. While we where having the picnic, I saw 4 or 5 fish jumps. It reminded me of Lake Martin in Alabama. After the quick picnic, I wakeboarded a little. Yep, I finally figured out how to get up on top of the water!!! whoo hoo. I might have some pictures coming soon. Anyway… later we went to visit Neal’s lot and just had a great time on the lake. Wakeboarded some more… oh .. and I performed my first face plant.

Face Plant” — The action where the wakeboarder or skier falls face first into the water.

Yes … it hurts… it felt like my brain was rattling inside my skull. So … after about 5 hours on the lake … I was burn out and ready to go home.

I bet tomorrow… my body will be sore!!!

Ouwee… Just got back from waterskiing for the first time. Ok, I wakeboarded a little bit… either way… I was pulled by a boat for the first time. I drink about a gallon and a half of green Moses Lake water, but it was pretty fun. I actually got up … for about 15 seconds. I got to learn how to do this right. I am sure I will be hurting tomorrow.

another week has passed… so what did I do this weekend?? Well, I test drove a Toyota Matrix this weekend. It was actually not too bad. It handles pretty well and the car has lots of space. the only thing it is lacking is some power. But it is still not a bad car for the price. I really have to think about it some more. On the side note… while I was down in Moses Lake test driving my car… I decided to try out the local BBQ place… and I found that … people in central washington can not do BBQ like the folks in Alabama!!!

Oh How I miss Dreamland!!!!

Wow… What an interesting night…. tonight my friend Cody invited me to a high school basketball game. Cody was doing a live audio webcast for the school. Yes, almost all the high schools around grant county are trying to do some sort of webcasting. Moses Lake High School even do live video webcasts!!! Yep, that’s pretty cool … I wish I had that when I was in high school. Anyway… this is all because of our super high bandwidth fiber optic network. So we drove to Quincy, a small town 30 minutes from Ephrata, to watch the Quincy Jackrabbits play against the Ephrata Tigers. It was a very close game. The final score was 40-38 Ephrata in overtime. A very low scoring game… but it was still fun. It does make me think about how long it has been since I was in high school. I do wonder … what happen to all my high school buddies… where are they now? I bet none of them would ever imagine that I am in a middle of no where town in Washington.

Anyway … if you want to listen to the game here is the link….

So … today has been really slow so far…. I was suppose to reboot a box but the customer never called back… so … until he calls back… I can’t do anything but to wait. Well… looks… Moses Lake, WA is in the headline… just go to Yahoo and click on news … and it is the first one…. or you can just click here and see the article. It is nothing good…. just Mad Cows….NO MORE BEEF for me…

I know it has been a while since I last posted on my blog… it seems that ever since I moved to Washington, I just have less and less time to update my site and post on the blog. Now, it is not that I have less content to share… Actually, I think I have a lot more… It is just that I don’t have the extra time that I use to have. Which is good I guess. So Let me give everyone an update on what’s been going on… Starting from the beginning of last week…..

Dec. 16th 2003 ….

I registered to vote today… Woo hoo… Hey Scott … I finally did it… And hey they even gave me a copy of the Bill of Rights.

So now I am a registered voter, all those public officials better watch out or you are out of there … Ok ok at least you don’t get my vote.

Dec 18th 2003 ….

Hsiu Hsiu arrives today… I took a half day and drove to Spokane to pick her up. The drive was not bad at all.

Dec 19th 2003 …

Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King

Yes… Today… Tom, Mara, Hsiu Hsiu and I went to see the LotR:TRotK … All I have to say is COOL!!! Three years of watching LotR is finally over … What am I going to do next year??? The movie was really good. I don’t think there were any bad moments in the movie. The interesting thing about watching the movie in Ephrata was that first we got a pizza booth. Yes in the theater in Ephrata there are actually pizza booth in the back … So you can have your pizza and soda and enjoy a movie…. Cool huh? And the price wasn’t bad either. Second… half way through the 3 1/2 hours long movie… an intermission popped up. What? an intermission? isn’t that something from the long distant past? But it was actually pretty cool … because it give everyone to run to the restroom without missing a beat of the movie. and the theater gets to make some extra bucks by selling concessions…. it is a win win situation. During the intermission, I also felt the small town atmosphere in the theater… it is pretty cool… you just don’t see that in Houston or any of the big cities. A really unique experience indeed.

Dec. 20 2002

We woke up and it was cold and all white outside and we had a xmas brunch to attend to in Moses Lake.

And on the way there Hsiu Hsiu and I got lost in the snowy road of Moses Lake … Doh!!!

But we eventually found our way….

Breakfast brunch at Terry M’s

Thank you Terry for inviting us to your wonderful Christmas Brunch. Hsiu Hsiu and I had a wonderful time. The brunch at Terry’s was wonderful… she have a beautiful house, all decorated … I really felt the xmas spirit in the air. The brunch was delicious and plentiful… umm umm…. so good…. After the brunch we got a chance to talk with friends and play some ping pong…. boy it has been so long since I last played…. but I can still do my spinning serv. 😛

Once again … that was a wonderful Brunch….. Thanks Terry…..

After the wonderful brunch we headed to Spokane…

Once we got to Spokane, we found this wonderful Japanese restaurant… it is called Suki Yaki Inn. It is one of the most authentic Japanese restaurants , Hsiu Hsiu and I have been. We ordered some “shabu shabu” and I’ve also ordered some sushi. The sushi was pretty good … but I still say it doesn’t beat the sushi in Houston’s Osaka restaurant. We spend a day around Spokane visiting downtown and finding every Chinese markets there …. which btw … they don’t have much in Spokane.

After a day around Spokane… Hsiu Hsiu and I finally end up at the airport… she has a overnight flight back to ATL.

Dec 22, 2003

Hsiu Hsiu is back home in Auburn for one day ….

Dec 23, 2003

Hsiu Hsiu is on the plane back to Taiwan… 🙁 I wish I would be there with her. Well… only two more days before xmas … and it looks like I won’t be able to find a ticket back home for xmas.

…. Merry Christmas….

Well… I am back in Hillsboro today… and Ephrata is under snow… hee hee good thing I am not there… burrr…. anyway… today I realized how empty Washington is…. I mean from Moses Lake to the Tri-Cities there are nothing in between for over 40 miles… that is extremely bad when you are looking for a restroom … yikes!!!! One note to anyone who is travelling that way… go to the bathroom before you take the long drive … hee hee…

Well… Portland and Hillsboro is not too bad… I am at the end of my testing… Monday, we will conclude our tests… so I got lots of data to go through this weekend. But the good thing is that I will be going back to Auburn on the 27th for Thanksgiving… woo hoo…

One more thing… War Eagle… Auburn vs Alabama game is this weekend… Go Auburn… and War Eagle!!!