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My First email from Mom

Today, I got my first ever email from my Mom.  🙂  It’s pretty amazing.  My dad set mom up with a Macbook pro with chinese hand writing ability.  So now she is on the internet sending emails in Chinese :).

I just love technology!!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Oh my gosh… I can’t believe it is already end of November and yet there are still so many things to do. So right now I am sitting in the Seatac airport waiting for my parent’s flight. I am so thankful that my Mom and Dad are coming over to my place for thanksgiving this year. We are having a Chen’s family dinner here in Seattle. I guess this would be the closest I would get to a Thanksgiving dinner of my own in my own place for a while…. Sigh…

So many things are going on and I sometimes I feel so overwhelmed …

oh… doh … got to run… write more later…

Exciting weekend…

So This weekend was pretty exciting right? I had an extended weekend because of a minor oral surgery which I undergone. Don’t worry… everything is great… I am now bionic… ha ha ha… just kidding…

But so.. Friday… I took my Mom to Mt. Vernon to see some flowers. It was not too bad, however, it could have been better. This year, the tulips are blooming a little bit late.

So as you all know that we had a bit of a scare on Saturday, but what was really interesting was that when we were at the ER, I was wearing my Auburn Baseball cap. I got some interesting comments.

First, the triage nurse said that … “oh you are from Auburn?” I replied “yes”.
Then, the xray nurse said that he grew up in Mobile, Alabama and his dad taught a the University of Alabama for a bit. We chatted a little about Auburn Vs Alabama… yeah… 6 in a row… 😉

Now the most interesting thing was when the ER doctor said, “Did you go to Auburn?” and I said “yes” and he replied… “so did I”. “Oh my gosh!!! WAR EAGLE” I shouted!!!… I could not believe it… it was amazing that the doctor that was treating my mom was an Auburn Grad!!!!

Wow!! What a small world right?

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! and also Happy 21 years!!! Yep today marks the day my family been in the US for 21 years!!! and it is also my mother’s birthday!!! Pretty amazing huh?

Yes 21 years… it is a life time for most. For me a majority of my life is spend in the US. It is pretty amazing… 21 years… and so many things has change in 21 years…

Well… got to get back to work… Once again… Happy Birthday Mom and Happy 21 years!!! 😀

My parents were soooo surprised yesterday. They were really sad that I could not come home for the new year and when I showed up and surprised them they were so shocked and happy!!! it is good to spend time back for for Chinese New Year. and of course the food at home was wonderful. Gosh. even with my numb tongue… I can taste and feel the wonderful flavors of Mom’s cooking.

Well, I am sitting in the airport.. waiting on my flight to Birmingham. It is so noisy here.. but it will be ok. I will be in bham shortly and then I will be home… Surprise Mom :D.
Happy New Year Everyone! Posted by Picasa

Being home is great… I don’t have to worry about that to eat for dinner. Mom’s cooking is the best. Well, the reunion is around 8:00 pm. Kind of later then I expected, but I check and double checked and that is what time they are having the reunion. My batteries are all charged up, so I hope I can have better pictures tonight. Anyway… got to go for a walk with my parents…. sure is nice to be in Auburn… and I do have lot of memories here in Auburn.

in little over 24 hours and I will be heading back to Auburn. This will be a super short trip, but it will be good to see Mom and Dad and Min Jye. I miss my family.

Happy 28th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving…. Everything here is wonderful… It feels so warm and wonderful being home this long weekend. I want to say Happy anniversary MOM AND DAD!!!! Today is my parent’s 28th anniversary!!!!