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A Beautiful Day at Mission Ridge

Me at the Summit…. Nice.
It was a good day of snowboarding. Lots of fast slick snow. Yes I was going really fast today 😀

Can you believe it? It is already April in 2006. It seems just like yesterday it was 2005. On April 1, I went to Mission Ridge to snowboard. It was their second to last day and it as a blizzard. I think it must have snowed at least 3 inches while I was there. Sunday, Mission reported 9 inches of new snow, but unfortunately I was too tired to go. My snowboarding will be over until November. I just can’t wait. Anyway… on the other note….
I am now an offical Iowa State Grad Student in Information Assurance.

Well… yesterday was pretty good. My sister and I had a lot of fun at Mission Ridge. The snow was ok… it got a bit slushy at the end of the day. My sister really got tired learning how to ski. As for me, I am getting better at snowboarding. The new board, binding, and boots takes it a bit for me to adjust to it… but I am doing it. I have to say, the you get what you paid for. The 175 dollar board and binding is just that. It is not as good as the board I learned on. But I think this board is lighter. So today, we are going to go out there again… and try to do our best to stay the entire day.
Woo hoo… more snowboarding!!!

Well, I just got back from Mission Ridge… boy, today was a fun day. Today was my last day of snowboarding class, but it was the first of many other challenges. As expected… today I went up my first chair lift. Chair one at Mission Ridge. Then the instructor said… “you think you are up for chair 2?” I said, “sure, think I am ready for it” the ride up on chair 2 was easy, it maybe easier than chair one,but it was the gettimg down part that was the challenge. The view at the top of chair 2 was beautiful!!! you can see Mount Rainier for there. The sky was clear and it was just a beautiful view and a beautiful day. Then comes the challenge.. going down. I spend most of my time on all fours sliding down. There where pockets of awesomeness in me, but that was very short lived. There are just times that I can not get over my mental fear. I mean you expect me to go over that when can’t see the other side… yes there were some drops that were around 45 degrees or over …. well.. at least it seems like it was. Anyways, after careful coaching by my instructor, I finally made it down in one piece. But boy. Afterward, I continued to ride from chair one couple of times with some success… no I am not a snowboard expert yet, but I am getting better.

I just finished a shower… and my body is so sore. I have almost no strength in my wrist and hand for some reason, so typing this is so hard. But I know one thing.. I can’t wait until my next trip up. I want more!!! … It is just such a rush…

Any one wants to go snowboarding with me next weekend???

Today, I went snowboarding for the first time. It was alot of fun. I went to Mission Ridge, which is only about 1 hour from Ephrata. I went with my coworker Ted. We took the EASY 123 class. It sounds cheesy, but it is alot of fun. I know… I did not leave the bunny slope the entire time I was there, but that’s ok. I am just starting and learning. It was about 30 degrees outside, but you did not feel cold at all. Like I said before it was fun. All I know is that I will probably, be in pain tomorrow.. ha ha ha. I have more pictures. I will try to post them tomorrow. Posted by Picasa