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Mutton Bustin’ in Rodeo Houston

So this weekend, we attended Min-Jye’s wedding in Houston, TX. It was beautiful. Houston reminded so many things about my past. and it’s hard to believe it was almost 10 years ago that I lived in Houston. Yeah pretty amazing. Anyways, while we were there, we found out that the Houston Rodeo is going on. So we decided to attend the rodeo and check it out. Unfortunately, the rodeo tickets were all sold out, but we did get a general admissions ticket and check out some Mutton Bustin’.

So what is Mutton Bustin’ you say? Well, it is little kids riding sheep. Yep, sheep!! The kids are around 5-7 years old and don’t worry, they all have protective gears on, but it is a hoot to watch!!!

After watching it, I felt like it was almost as fun to watch as watching bull riding and the best part all the kids had a blast!!! I definitely will give my kids a chance to do that when they are at that age.

Take a look and tell me what you think!!!

So if you are in Houston, go take a look. You can get your rodeo tickets here!!!

Ref: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Official Website

The TARDIS has arrived!!!

Thank you Min-Jye for this wonderful birthday gift!!!

You can get one yourself!!!!

in little over 24 hours and I will be heading back to Auburn. This will be a super short trip, but it will be good to see Mom and Dad and Min Jye. I miss my family.

Wow…. this got to be one of the most exciting Auburn Alabama game I have ever seen … I am glad that Auburn won and we will see if Auburn will still have the same coach next year… I hope so…. Wow… what an exciting night!!! I hope my little sis, Min-Jye will get some sleep. Min-Jye and I were watching to game together… ok ok … not really since she is in Scottland … but she was listening to the game on line and we were talking about the game via MSN…. oh how I love the internet!!!

What a wonderful dinner … yep … Thanks to Min-Jye… I had some wonderful curry chicken… umm umm good. Well, just sitting here watching the baseball allstar game. It is pretty cool. Go NL !! This year the game is setup a little better, there will not be a tie game anymore. The winner get home field advantage for the World Series. Anyway … WA looks pretty good huh? … oh btw … it’s a blow out… but it is only the 5th inning.

People are just awful drivers. I am glad that I do not have to drive to work everyday or else I really think some one can go crazy with the way some people drive these days. For example, today I was in Chinatown trying to find a parking space, this full size truck pulls up in front of me and the guy rolled down his window and started talking to me. He was blocking everyone’s movement in the parking lot. Finally, after repeated times trying to tell him to move on, I finally lowered my window and said, “What do you want? you are blocking traffic!!” And he replied, “Hey, look I do some car body work and I can fix your car body really cheap.” He was referring to the dent I have on my camry, but I just don’t think in the middle of the parking lot blocking everyone around him is the time to pick up some business. Well… anyway….. I have sent Min-Jye off to the Airport so … I am back home again… I think I will take a nap.

Well, after a long day out I am finally back home. I did get some presents to bring back to Taiwan. It is always difficult finding the perfect present for someone. But I think I have found some good presents today. Well, so where did we go today? Humm… first for lunch I picked my sister up and met Johnson and Diana for some Dim Sum. Ummmm… it is sooo good. After dim sum, we dropped off Min-Jye and headed to Katy for the Katy Mills. So what is Katy Mills? Well, it is a super outlet mall. It is not your average outlet mall. This mall actually has a SAKS in there. It was incredible. After 3 hours… maybe more…. of shopping for gifts… I finally found something. I hope they will like the gifts. But it is far from over. I still have to get some gift for other relatives in Taiwan. Yep, the quest for the perfect gift is far from over.

… to be continue.

First of all, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone gets to eat lots and lots of turkey and Thanksgiving food.

Ah!!! it is so good to be back home!!! Auburn is just so relaxing, but getting here, yesterday, was an adventure.

Our Adventure Home

Yesterday, our original plan was to leave Houston around 6:00 am and travel for approx. 12 hours on the road including lunch and be in Auburn around 6:00pm for dinner and so on. Well, our plan was great and on schedule until we hit the Texas and Louisiana border. At first, it seems like no big deal. We though… oh… a small traffic jam. no biggy, we will wait a little bit and move on. At worst we will be behind schedule for 30 min to an hour right? WRONG!!! The short wait went on from about 8:00am to about 10:30am. It was not until then did we finally get a chance to get off the highway. When we were getting off we saw two white trucks blocking I-10 and detouring all traffic to access roads. I ask the workers in the what truck, “how far up is the construction?” He replied, “there are no constructions, it’s a bad ass accident up there”. Ok so why did they block I-10 if it was only an accident? It was not until we finally got off the access road and got a chance to take our first break, when I asked someone in the gas station what’s going on and if there were an alternate route. The station attendent said, “yep, there was a chemical spill not to far from here, and there are also doing construction near Louisiana Border, so I would advise you to take the detour.” And so we did. The detour was pretty fun. We got a chance to drive through couple of small southern Louisiana towns. It was no big deal but it was pretty fun. We ended up having lunch in Eunice, before finally returning to I-10. The detour plus the wait tacked on 4 additional hours to our trip. We ended up not arriving to Auburn until 10:30 pm. Pretty Darn late, but I have to say… it was pretty fun. It was a long trip, but it was a fun trip. Thanks Hsiu, Johnson, and Min-Jye for making it so interesting!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!