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Eureka Mentions Dr. Who!!!

During the latest episode of Eureka (S4E07 Stoned 19:50), Zane was hacking into the Government’s computer, after finding out it was only IRS snooping around, Zane said,  “Anything else you want to know while I am in there? Launch codes, Defence plans, TARDIS blue prints … “.

Zane was probably just joking but, How cool would that be,  if there is a cross over between EUReKA and Dr. Who??? Since there’s already a cross over between Warehouse 13 and EUReKA, why not Dr. Who?

Is it possible? Begging on the internet? I mean an honest beggar on the internet?

This chic made $17K in 4 month just by creating a website and asking for donations. And yes… she is saying all her money are counted as income and declared with IRS. Her name is Karyn. She was even mentioned on People magazine and . But I still feel like that’s wrong or maybe I just feel stupid for not thinking it up first.