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Off to Houston…

So interesting day today, I will be heading back to Houston today. It has been many many many years since I been back to Houston. No no… I been back to Houston IAH airport, but actually going back to Houston City.. it has been a while. So many memories… I will be there for Easter weekend and I will return to Seattle, on Monday morning. So the only thing now is to cross my fingers and hope for upgrades!!!

Well, I have checked in… I have to wait here for another hour… but guess what? I think I found another free AP. SWEET!!! The best part is this one is fast too!!! Well… I am tired… I hope I get an upgrade on this leg of the fight as well. Yes, I have an upgrade from IAH to ATL, but from SEA to IAH… nope not yet. Either way… I will go on board and sleep. ZZZZ
Still a long day to go…

Well.. the crawfish boil yesterday was awesome. I got more pictures… and I am just to lazy to work on them. I really need to before the washington trip. Oh I have to say this … IAH sucks.

Today, I payed 3 bucks to park at IAH for 15 mins. Now that sucks!