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Hearing the fireworks outside reminds me of Shanghai!!
Happy New Year!!!


Feeling better…

After a night of toss and turning…. I did finally get some sleep. I do feel better. It is a fresh new day. It’s all good… and besides… tomorrow is pay day!!! Yeah!!!

And M-flo makes me happy….



Today is a very special day for me… so many things have happened before on this day… First, I want to say thank you !!!! Mom and Dad for everything!!! I miss you guys alot!!!

So far, it has been an interesting day… I woke up around 6 am today… I guess I have a very small jet lag from staying in Iowa for couple of days and also with the time change.

So … I remember on this day…

I remember 10 years ago … I was in Auburn as a undergrad. I remember I made such a big deal because I was no longer a teenager anymore… ha ha ha … and how quickly time just slips by.

I remember 9 years ago… I was still on campus… we were all at my fellow computer engineering classmate’s Halloween Party.

I remember 6 years ago… I was just by myself in Bham. My buddy Phil took me out for dinner at Stix near Galleria… Thanks Phil!!!

I remember 5 years ago… I was in Birmingham… boy what a night of halloween party and the day after was such an interesting day at work… Thanks Budro for helping me out that day.

I remember 4 years ago… we all had a party in Auburn… my friends Sergon, Eric, and of course Hsiu Hsiu. I still have the Sazabi you guys gave me … still unbuilt… I need to work on it some time. πŸ™‚

I remember 3 years ago… I … that was a special time {sigh}…. I miss you.

I remember 2 years ago… I just finished my PE exam and I was excited… I did not really cared if I passed or fail.. I was done.

I remember last year, it was a difficult year but thanks everyone for helping me through it.

so… I am looking forward to what this new chapter of this great adventure that we call life have to offer!!! πŸ˜€

Stay Tuned!!!

I hope everyone finish their taxes today… or at least trying really hard to finish before 11:59 pm tonight. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Seattle was really pretty yesterday… it reminded me of the beautiful days that I was there couple years back… anyway… I still have not get a chance to see the tulip festival yet… I will I will… probably this weekend. Anyway… what was amazing yesterday was that when I was driving back over the mountains… it was snowing… yes actually snowing in middle of april!!!! wow!!! Sigh…. so .. life goes on… and on and on and on….

anyway… happy tax day..

Weekend is rapidly appoarching. Oh BTW .. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!
Saturday is Chinese New Years Eve. This will be the Year of the Dog.

Happy New Year!!!


Halloween is always one of those fun days as a kid… I have many wonderful memories about Halloween… some includes dressing up as a wizard with my childhood friend Brad. We were all lived in a student family housing in Lafayette, LA. Trick or treating around Cajun village and going to Showbiz Pizza (yeah… how many of you guys remember that place, for those that don’t it is pretty much the same as Chucky Cheese Pizza). I also remember taking my little sister around the neighborhood in Auburn trick or treating. Or my 24th Halloween Birthday night out on the town in Birmingham. Halloween weekend, 2 years, ago was also very special as well. {sigh}…

So many good Halloween Memories… but the most important thing is that I have to remember to get some candy before I go home… It is so fun giving candy to all the little kids πŸ™‚

Happy Halloween!!!

Well, It is hard to believe one week has passed already. I am in Hsiu Hsiu’s office getting ready to head to the airport. I have a 10 hour flight to get back to the US from Shanghai. It is a shorter flight than when coming to China, but it is still a long flight. I had a wonderful week here in Shanghai. Most importantly, I finally got to spend some quality time with my honey. Well… I got tons of pictures… I just hope I will have the time to process them when I get home. Anyway… I will see everyone when I get home.

HAPPY Valentines Day!!!

HAPPY SUMMER!!! Today is the first day of summer or the longest day of the year in the Northen hemisphere. That could explain why the sun comes up around 4:00 am every morning and don’t go down until 9:30 to 10:00 pm. It is not bad… you get plenty of time in the day light… but… the sun up at 4:00 am really messes with my sleep pattern. Oh well… time to go out and run around. DOH… but I got to work…


My little sister is one year older today!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

01.01.2004 … HAPPY NEW YEAR ….

Boy … I just got back from Wal Mart. I was there buying some stuff for my New Years Day Hot Pot Lunch. Boy… it is snowing and cold outside. On the way back, I felt like I was driving in a freezer. Burr…. While I was in Wal-Mart shopping … I notices… GEE .. I don’t really have that many choices of Green vegetables here. EEK… Well.. the reality of the matter is I am not a big vegi fan… but every so often I would like to have some choices…. can Walmart just don’t have the choices I want. Sigh….

Well… it is almost 2004 … and I am sitting at home by myself on new years eve. It is already 2004 in Taiwan and in Auburn. Oh and Auburn Won 28-14 …. Woo hoo … War Eagle. Anyway, it is really not that bad… I am going to have a chance to catch up on my sleep tomorrow morning .. yeah… Besides… I wouldn’t feel like doing anything without my lovely FiancοΏ½ around anyway. I really miss her.

I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Good bye 2003 … and HELLO 2004!!!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Everyone!!! I just want to let everyone know that I am home safely…

Goodness… it is so boonie out here…. I just saw a cotton tail rabbit jumping through our equipment field behind the tech shop. wow… but anyway… Hsiu Hsiu will be here in 3 more hours!!! WOO HOO!!!!…. oh and HAPPY Halloween Everyone!!!


Well, My Internet connection is backup and today is Friday… humm…so I guess… HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!!!

Congratulation to Eric and Hsuan!!!! Today Hsuan gave birth to their healthy new baby boy. His name is Gabriel Au………….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIN!!!!…. and for your birthday present … we will shut down your web server…. BOOM!!!! Well, it seems that my webserver is down for some reason and so is my ftp server. The good thing is that my mail client / server is still up. I will have to work on it when I get back from my trip home. But in the mean time… sorry guys… πŸ™