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I corrected Google maps!!!

Few weeks back, Google released the updated google maps that supported bicycle routes. Of course I immediately map my route from home to work and I found that they did not connect a segment of the Inter-urban trail. So I wrote to them and today I got a response back!!! Woo hoo!!

Hi Min Hsao,

Your Google Maps problem report has been reviewed, and you were right! We’ll update the map soon and email you when you can see the change.

Report history
Problem ID: 5D86-46E6-CFDF-4DA5

Your report: After step 35 there is an interurban trail from 52nd Ave W linking to 44th Ave W. this is a much better route than what is suggested on the bike directions from google.

Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team

12-05-2009… making progress

I know I supposed to be writing everyday… but the past few days has been busier than I expected and I still haven’t got my server to the point where I can put a second wordpress on my server just for December… so I will just continue to post on my main blog. Which is just fine.

Well… after a long night of company party and talking with my friends about hotel rooms in paris, we finally reserved a few rooms in Paris. They look ok… but I am not going to put too much hope into it… but the good thing is they are very close to everything so that’s good.

So here is were we are going to say.

Dec 24 – 28
Hotel Opera Vivaldi

Dec 28-31
Hotel Le Prieure
View Paris Trip 2009 in a larger map

My Shared Google Map

So busy… :(

Why is everything so busy and I am starting to get stressed… it is not that I can’t get all my work done, but the problem is it is very time consuming to have work with overtime and then come home tired and watch an hour of class lecture. This class lecture is pretty tough stuff. What is it? Real time computing systems. yeah… what the heck is that right?

But work has been pretty fun. I am writing scripts and programs again similar to what I did at the end of my time at El Paso. But this is pretty cool stuff. I am working with the FCC database and using google map to visualize the database information. Cool huh?

I guess out of all this the good thing is … I am working toward my annual bonus and also I get paid for my overtime. Sweet!!!!

Find the Indian Head

Look here and find the indian head on google map.