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Yet another Bike to work day

So I biked to work again, it’s been a while since I last talked about biking to work. The 11.5 miles from my house to work isn’t as bad as it used to be when I first started. Of course the distance is close to 2 miles shorter but who’s counting right? Ever since my co-workers and friends moved downtown this year, I haven’t been riding as much. I do need to ride more. I need to lose some of this weight that I’ve gained. Anyways, 52 minute ride to work isn’t too bad.

In Oregon this week

So .. I am in Oregon this week. It is pretty exciting. I am getting a chance to go to training for some new software we are using. It’s going to be pretty exciting. I am on Portland’s Light rail right now … it is pretty good. I can almost imagine working in a city where I commute in via light rail.

It to walk to work…. walking with IPOD and PODCASTING RULEZ!!!… sometime it even makes me want a commute so I can have time to listen to my IPOD… ha ha ha… NO WAY… I like my 10-15 min walk.

Today is the first day that I will begin my new commute route. better hurry…

I am a little bit stress lately. Why? Well, my lease for my apartment is about to run out. Well, that�s no big deal, I will just have to find another place to live. The question is where? So I thought maybe I should buy a house. I don�t want to move too far from downtown because I like the 5-15 min. commute every morning. It�s very low stress. After looking about with my parents this past week, we have found a few good options, but now what is stressing me out is the price. It is pretty expensive to live close to downtown. {sigh} We will see�. Hey maybe I will get a raise after I finish my Dial backup project� Right? Ha ha ha !!!