July 2015
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Such a slacker

I am such a slacker sometimes… I just realized that my CCNA is about to expire and I have not got my CCNP yet. So in trying to accomplish one of my resolution. I have signed up for an exam on the 27th. So on 1/27/2007 I will be taking a cisco exam to extend my CCNA. Such a slacker… So time to study… BSCI here I come

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!
Welcome to 2007!!!!… ok I know it is not yet for me when I am writing this but hey… it is 2007 some where in the world.

So looking back, I have accomplish some things in 2006…
- I turned 30… :D
- I started to snowboard
- I got a new car!!! G35!!!
- I finished 3 classes this year!!! woo hoo

So… what are my goals for next year?

Let’s see…
1) Finish my Cert. Exams … if I don’t, my CCNA will expire … yikes
2) Start my consulting company
3) Start saving up some money for my future needs
a) a mac computer
b) an European trip
4) Start investing in stocks
5) Get all A’s in my classes for 2007
6) Lose some weight
7) Make over 6 digits… ha ha ha … yeah wishful thinking.

anything else… I am sure there are lot more stuff I should be doing and getting prepare to do, but oh well…

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!