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After a full week in Auburn… it is hard to believe I have to go back to work soon. Well, this week has been great! Today has been really exciting. Started the morning off really early with some fishing with my Dad. Then I had a wonderful home cooked lunch with my entire family. After lunch, we went to pick some muscadines… I love muscadines!! For dinner we had BBQ with friends and watched Auburn Football.

Now … Auburn Football…. {sigh}
well… the perfect season is over…. this is a new season.. but I still thought we could have beaten Georgia Tech. Well… so ok … Auburn lost today… but that’s ok… I just have to tell myself that it is just a game… and there is really nothing I can do about it. it is just a game…

Anyway… I still believe that we have a good football team in Auburn. It will just take some time for them to grow. I wonder what is Ronnie Brown and Carnel Williams and Jason Campbell are thinking right now about this most recent game… or do they even care?

I wonder what is the coach saying in the locker room right after the game??