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Yes I am back in Auburn safe and sound and the last two days has been busy and wonderful. It is almost surreal being back here.

So what did I do yesterday???


It was a very very long day, but a very exciting day. Let see… the morning started around 3am, I woke up, clean up and had to get ready to catch my 5:30 am flight to Atlanta. After sleeping the entire flight� and it was a cold flight� I final got to Atlanta around 8:30. I was welcomed by my wonderful, wonderful girlfriend Hsiu Hsiu!! We then went for coffee and breakfast in Buckhead. It was a little strange to be in Atlanta for breakfast, but it was still pretty good. After breakfast we went to Zoo Atlanta see the Great Panda. It was pretty good but it was not as good as I remembered and I don�t think it is as good as the Houston Zoo. For the price and the animals, Houston Zoo is very awesome. Sorry no Great Pandas in the Houston Zoo. I took some pictures in the Zoo, but what really left a mark was the bee sting. Yeah, I got stung by a bee in the Atlanta Zoo. Funny thing is that this is about exactly one year after my last bee sting. And yes it hurts.After the Zoo we went to a Korean restaurant for some tofu bowls. It was pretty good. And on to Stone Mountain right after lunch. I have to say stone mountain has got a bit pricey, but it is still an impressive site to see. After the walk around Stone mountain park, we caught up with my old college buddies Trung, Julie, and Joe� it is so good to see them. We had a wonderful dinner at the olive garden in Gwentte. Only after seeing Trung�s 2 baby girls, when I realize that I am getting older. I still feel like just yesterday, that I graduated from high school. After a full day, we finally got home around 10 pm� Let me tell you � I slept very very well�.