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The return of USSR?

So I am applying for my Global Entry this morning and I saw that USSR is one of the pull down list countries?!?!?! Does USSR still exist? Or is this simply the US Governments way of easing the expected USSR return by Putin? MAYBE?!?!?┬áTake a look yourself ­čśë


TIL: Optimal sentence length for comprehension

Today I learned that the optimal length for writing comprehension is around 5 to 6 words a sentence. This is approximately the same length that a feather quill pen can write before the ink dries up. Ref: Star Talk S4E15


TIL: Wireless Telephone in 1962 Space Needle

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Day 132 of 365″ type=”image” alt=”IMG_2034.jpg” ] ┬áToday I Learned (TIL) that special wireless telephones were built for the┬áSpace Needle’s rotating restaurant in the 1962. ┬áToday, this may not seem to special, but back in 1962, the is truly futuristic. ┬áOH and 1 HP is all that is required to turn the …