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Webserver issues and also catching up on blog postings

So many things has happened in the last couple of weeks that I’ve been way to busy (or lazy) to update my blog. Anyways, lots of bike riding, I’ve also got lots of flats and lot of pictures to show. I will try to update some today. Anyways, I do have one pressing issue. my […]

Tour De Cure

So after 73 miles of bike riding and 2 flats later, I finally completed my first long ride. Thanks for everyone that supported the Diabetes Association and the cause. Also thanks for all those that donated!!!! Thank you for helping me make my goal!!!!

So how do I feel? a bit tired, but good. I […]

Bike to Work Day 2011

So today is bike to work day. I’ve been fighting this cough for a week now, and this is the first time returning on my bike since my fall. The ride to downtown was great almost all down hill going in. The day was beautiful and the ride was great. The only problem was that […]

First Training ride to Marine Park in Everett, WA

So today is my first training ride for STP. My buddy Brian and I decided to ride up to Everett and back for our first long ride. The round trip is around 60 miles or so. The trip started off really well, the day was beautiful and we rode 29.8 miles and reached Marine Park […]

The Tulip Ride

So this past weekend was my friend Howard’s Annual Tulip Ride. It was an ok day at first but it got really beautiful in the afternoon. The ride was a short and sweet. We rode from Bay View Park to the tulip fields and then to La Conner for lunch. Enjoy the pictures.

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Do you like Fish Cakes?

Fish cakes.. that’s what’s for dinner!

Surf and Turf

Sunday Night Surf and Turf Dinner.