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DIY: White Board (Dry Erase Board / Marker Board)

So I been wanting a new white board in my home office to draw out some ideas and mark up some new things or even leave some messages. I remember having a big white board when I was growing up and it’s aways been really nice. I never even thought about how much a white […]

Woo my new free case from Apple is on the way!!!

So I got an email this morning from Apple. It states that my new free case for my iPhone 4 is on it’s way!!! Yeah!!!

Eureka Mentions Dr. Who!!!

During the latest episode of Eureka (S4E07 Stoned 19:50), Zane was hacking into the Government’s computer, after finding out it was only IRS snooping around, Zane said, “Anything else you want to know while I am in there? Launch codes, Defence plans, TARDIS blue prints … “.

Zane was probably just joking but, How cool […]


Woo Hoo!! This is the first time in my life that I got a double yolk. The experience was amazing. Cracking the egg and then TWO YOLKS!!!!!


Visiting Blessed Sacrament

I just finished a quick visit of Blessed Sacrament Church near UW.  It is the church that you can see the green roof from the side of I-5.  I talked with the Marriage advisor and schedule a time.  I will be bringing Vicky over for an initial visit on Saturday.  This should be an interesting […]