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First Full Day in NYC

After a full day of meetings in NYC with my clients, it was awesome to see Vicky!!! So after work today, my co-workers and I took a long wall to time square and got some dinner at the BBQ place called Virgil’s. It was pretty famous, but the sweet tea was not good and the […]

New York New York!!!

After a full day of travel, I am finally in New York City. So far my impression of NYC is that it is an amazing city with so much history. It reminded me alot of Paris. But then again, I haven’t been to that many big cities before. Even tough it was a super raining […]

On a flight to NYC!!!

So this week is my New York trip. It will be a pretty busy trip… but I think I will have a chance to return soon with my other projects in New York and NJ. So once again, I am on a Delta flight using the onboard Wi-Fi. It is pretty cool. This is my […]

What a weekend… of almost buying a house

Once again, I don’t think a weekend can go by now without some exciting news. Well, this past weekend it was no different. I almost bought a house. But in the end the deal fail through because of few minor details.

Oh well … the hunt continues.

— UPDATE 3/30/2010 Yesterday around noon my agent […]

CTIA 2010 Day 2 Recap

Today was another interesting day at CTIA. The morning started off pretty late. I was still recovering from last night. 🙂 So my first even was the mobile health seminar. This was pretty slow but they had some interesting ideas and concepts. I met my friend Xavier for lunch we went to the LV Hilton’s […]

CTIA Day 1 Recap

Well, it is day 2 of CTIA in Las Vegas, let me recap my experiences from yesterday. The day started with meeting up with Xavier for breakfast. We had a simple breakfast at MacD’s, but I have to say this McDonald has the look and feel of a coffee shop. It was really interesting. We […]

CTIA DAY 1: Good morning

Good Morning, Today is CTIA day one. It is pretty exciting. I am staying at a pretty nice hotel in Vegas. Even though it doesn’t have a casino in the hotel, which is a bit strange for vegas, but it is a suite, with a living room kitchen and even a hot tub. All that […]

At the airport… Going to CTIA

An interesting thing happened while I was going through security. While I was waiting for my bag, he person next to me was getting his bag checked by TSA. He said, “it’s phones in there, can you check them without taking them out, our cover them up while you check. They are confidental!!!”

Oh really? […]

Another Short Weekend

Weekends just seems shorter and shorter!!! So what happened this weekend. Let’s think back…

Friday night I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D IMAX. Oh it was so cool, the movie was not so bad either. But I have to say the $31 dollar ticket price for 2 was a bit expensive. All […]

Wow, it’s Friday already?

This week just flew right by. I can’t believe it is Friday already. I still have so much stuff to do. This week is pretty interesting. I looked at many houses. Some are very tempting because of the prices, some are very tempting because of the location, but I just have to found that house […]

Mount Si Hiking Pictures

Allons-y …

4 Miles to go!!!

Chuck at .5 miles!!!


@ 1.0 mile

@ 2 miles!!!

@2.5 miles

@ […]

Amazing and super busy weekend

This past weekend was amazing!!! Super busy!

First the week before, we received some amazing snow dump in our regional mountains, so on Saturday, my friend Colin and I headed up bright and early in the morning for Crystal Mountain for some powder skiing!!! We rode up to Crystal with Patty and met up with […]

Google Voice Turns 1

It’s pretty interesting… Just recently I figured out how to use google voice and my old packet 8 ATA to get free phone service within US and today I found out that Google Voice turns 1.

Happy Birthday Google Voice!!!

Free land line phone with google voice, sipgate, and an old packet8 ATA!!!

So I don’t know what got into me yesterday, but I guess it was because of the awful AT&T services in my area. I cannot make a continuous call on AT&T’s 3G in my area without call drops. This is not only my problem, but everyone that I know with AT&T 3G service in Maple […]

Updating my blog and just chilling…

The last couple of days been pretty busy, with my family visiting… I moved from the master bed room to the guest bedroom, and from the guest bedroom to the office. But the exciting thing is my parents and my uncle from taiwan are all here in Seattle visiting me. It is good to be […]

Woo Hoo… just in time!!!

I just submitted my first conference paper… right before the deadline… wish me luck. I am submission number 75. The conference is