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Traveling without a car today

I like public transportation. I like trains, ferries, and buses. I never really thought about why I like them, but I just like them. Today is a special day, I am going to Bremerton for work. My coworker will pick me up at the ferry terminal on the otherside. So, I am taking the public […]

Something light for lunch

I made these brown rice sushi 😉

Still back filling my blog post

I know it is very unusual, but I am still back filling my French Vacation posts… the notes are there, but I just need to fill it all in with pictures and other goodie goodies. Hopefully, I will get a chance to do more tomorrow. As soon as all the posts are done, I will […]

Today I learned to tie my shoes…

Yes I do know how to tie my shoe laces… so I thought… I’ve been doing it the same way since I was in preschool… two bunny ears and so on… I have received many comments through out the years that I tie my shoe laces like a kid. I don’t mind those comments but […]

Doh… read it too fast…

So… because of my long trip to europe, I decided to start reading the manga Full Metal Alchemist. Well, first I read past the point where the anime is currently. I then started to read all the available menga volumes of FMA from the Seattle Public Library. After I finished with that, I still can’t […]

Back Fill my European blog posting

Well.. for the next few days.. I am going to try to back fill my blog post with events from my France trip. After the blog is complete I will post the pictures on my blog and on Facebook. Stay tuned!!!

Oh almost forgot my resolutions for 2010

Every year since few years back … I review my goals for the year before and set some new goals for the year after. I almost forgot to do it this year. So here we go again.

This year… my goals will be …

– lose some of that dang weight…. I say that every […]

Ideas for a book…

With my school done and just work left… during my travel I came up with two new ideas…

1) A book…. a travel guide for photographers, maybe for Paris or even just for Seattle.

2) an invention for making the bed.

hummm.. I wonder if I can accomplish part of this before 2011.