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Happy Halloween!!!

I went to a pumpkin carving party tonight …. had a great time with lots of friends … and at the end… My pumpkin looks like this 🙂

Happy Halloween!!!

Super Chestnut in Seattle!!!

While taking some autumn photos in Seattle, we discovered some supersized chestnut!!!

They are some of the largest chestnuts I have ever seen!!! They are huge!!! so maybe roasting some chestnuts tonight 🙂

Google Wave initial reaction.

So .. I got an invitation to the new Google Wave, and I even got 8 invitations to give away… but so far my impression is not that great. I watched some of the videos on this uber cool sharing and collaboration platform and how it suppose to be how email will be if email […]

Sunset after a rainy day

Wow… The sun!!

Seattle Auburn Club Fall Food Drive

Oh.. It has been many many weeks since I last posted…. I am doing alot better… the wounds are healing up and the H1N1 bug has been beaten down. I am much much better!!!

So… work has been keeping me busy… Seattle Auburn Club and Auburn Football has been keeping me busy during the fall […]