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What I learned this week

This week I learned that

1) Vista Sucks… Ok I already known that but I have confirmed that vista really sucks now since I discovered that the sleep mode on Vista will mess up my network interface and prohibits me from streaming video in my network properly.

2) G.R.A.W 2 (aka Ghost Recon Advance Warfare […]

Things I discovered this week

1) wow… there are sure alot of people riding Seattle public transit I discovered that the bus system is pretty convenient in Seattle. I can take an express from my place to the train station in about 10-15 minutes. WOW… it would take me that long to just drive myself.

2) Slow Train The train […]

My return trip to Seattle

After a short trip in Portland to meet up with a co-worker that’s leaving and trying to sponge off as much knowledge as I can off of him, I am now on my way back to Seattle. The night right back to Seattle is a lot different then the morning ride. I actually spent my […]

On the train

So … it has been a while since my last train trip. I think it was few years ago when I was still in Ephrata. I last took a train trip to Seattle for an interview. However, this time I am not going for an interview. I am actually going to Portland for work. So […]

H-Mart in Lynnwood

So today I went to the New H-Mart in Lynnwood today. To my surprise, it was more than a grocery store, it is actually a shopping plaza with many stores and a food court.

So after work today I went back over to H-Mart shopped a little and ate a korean run japanese udon/katsu place. […]

Woo hoo it is settled

Woo Hoo… I just talked to my insurance agent and all my stuff is settle and a check is coming my way.

Dinner Last Night


Building my own tracking software for my new Macbook Pro

So of course everyone by now know that I lost my little white macbook :(. So I did some research and found few softwares such as Undercover or Lojack for Laptop, or Adeona (which by the way is free but currently not working so don’t try it), and I even looked into mobileme. All these […]

Fishing back in Auburn

Well… while I was back in Auburn… I finally had a chance to go fishing with my dad. My fish count that day was 23… however not all 23 were keepers but it was still alot of fun.

Happy New Year

Well, it has been almost one month since my last blog post. I have had some friends asking about what happened to my website and my blog? Well, it is still here… during my xmas party I has a network problem my with my quick attempt to fix it I ended up messing everything us […]