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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving.. oh… I guess it is not thanksgiving anymore… but that’s ok…

happy black Friday 😉

This Thanksgiving is the first time that we have having Thanksgiving outside of Auburn. It was pretty good. So this is the first year we are having our annual family thanksgiving dinner at my place. Yep .. I […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Oh my gosh… I can’t believe it is already end of November and yet there are still so many things to do. So right now I am sitting in the Seatac airport waiting for my parent’s flight. I am so thankful that my Mom and Dad are coming over to my place for thanksgiving this […]


Everything in this world is about timing…When a baseball player hits a home run ball it is about timing… When a tennis player hits a powerful serv it is about timing…When one makes money in the stock market it is about timing…

It just seems like everything is about timing and doing things or being […]

Got tickets to Maui

So today my tickets to Maui finally got confirmed. One year and one month after our last trip to Maui, the project is finally on it’s way and we are heading out to Maui the first two weeks of December.

A bit tense

I don’t know what’s going on… for the first time I am getting a bit tense about the elections. So for those who don’t know… this is the second time in my life that I voted for a president. So it is pretty serious stuff, so as the results are rolling in, it is getting […]

Pictures from San Francisco

It’s been about 1 week since I returned from SF. I thought I would post some pictures.

Election day

3 day after my 32nd birthday is one of the most important days this year!!! Today is election day!!!So did I vote? of course I did… I dropped of my official ballot this morning. Yep and it feels good. So, my voting record for the recent years have been pretty bad. All the people I […]