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What a game

Wow What a game. The suite was just SWEET!!! This was the first time I went to a MLB game opener and being in the suites was totally awesome. It completely spoiled me. We got food and drinks and a great great view of the game. To top it all off, the M’s Won!!!

Wooo […]

Woo Hoo, Going to Mariner’s Opening game for 2008

So… for the first time… I get a chance to go to an Major League Baseball opening game!!! Woo hoo… I am so excited. Well… from work, we got a few tickets from a vendor to go see the M’s opener today!!! It is a 3:40 first pitch… so in a few more minutes… i […]

It’s Snowing!!!

So it is March 28th and it is snowing outside!!! oh how wonderful!!!I am planning to head back to do some snowboarding tomorrow… so that should be fun!!!

A visit to TESC

So I got sent out to do some field work at the TESC today. Lots of walking, but it was very cool and very educational. In both technical sense and also in wow looking at a liberal arts college sense. This is what I found in The Evergreen State College’s Library today…. […]

My Music Discovery Timeline

So… I decided to map my music discoveries in the last couple of years… especially my Japanese/electronic/hip-hop style music timeline.So here it is… isn’t Visio wonderful?

Dreaming of a beautiful house

So… I woke up this morning very disappointed. Right before I woke up this morning, I had a dream of looking at a beautiful house. The kitchen was so big and beautiful and the ceiling was so bright and high. My mom was there, my dad was there and Hsiu Hsiu was there too! I […]

round and round

I am at work… however… my head is spinning… I don’t know what’s going on… I woke up this morning and it has just been spinning… This is not as bad as that one time few years ago where I was literally dizzy to a point of puking… but this is pretty close.

I am […]

Distance causes miscommunications

Just to be clear on the previous post…

I miss you, Hsiu Hsiu.

sigh… I want to be with you…

I am lost…

about an year ago… I was back in Ephrata, I was fairly happy… but I feel the pressure to find something different. I then moved and found something different. I was happy… and now I am pretty stressed and I am confused… my lease is about to be up… work has been stressful… school has […]

What is pi?

so… all of the sudden.. I was wondering … what’s pi…

3.141592… that is as far as I know it..653 ??? what about you?

such a geek…

Timemachine to a network drive in OSX 10.5.2

So… After many weeks of having my 500 G USB harddrive, I finally decided to connect it up to my Mac mini server. I want to have my OSX Timemachine to automatically backup to that drive. At first I keep on getting an error from the time machine after a few seconds of running.

The […]