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Salsa Dancing

So… Once again.. I am doing something different this year. I went to Salsa dancing class today. it was interesting… It was actually pretty fun. I am looking forward to my next class. Fun fun Fun:)

New TV!!!

After many many years with CRT tv… I finally decided to get a new TV. With a little convincing from my parents, I got a new 42inch LCD TV from Costco. It’s great. the TV is native 1080p!!!! Sweet!!!

So the only problem now is that I don’t have any HD content…. nothing that I […]

One Month Later

So… one month later… how am I doing?Things are still in boxes… I am doing better… work is really starting to pick up.Consulting life is alot different then I expected. What I realized is that time seems to move faster when you life in the big city. or you just have less time. It just […]


OK… today I officially begin hating city people.Some A-hole came by my car and put a dent in my car. Why do they have to do that? That is just rude. Why do people have to be so rude in the city? Please people, be respectable and be responsible!

Sigh… I guess I will call […]