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From the Stratosphere.

Look Las Vegas 🙂Me…a Night view of Las VegasAnother view from the Stratosphere


DVP-642 blinking red standby FIXED!

So… as you all know… last weekend… my roomba broke because I was trying to change the cells on the battery… now that is fixed… My Philips DVP-642 DVD player also broke.

But this weekend… everything is fixed.I fixed my DVD player but looking blinking red light on google and found some articles on a […]

Backwards to 1995

I can’t believe this has been happening to me alot lately. where my computer messes up and then I end up losing my document because Word did not autosave properly…. I feel like I am back in college working at the hotline helping people to recover thier term paper…. except it is my term paper… […]

My Saturday night dinner…

my Katsudon Part 2…. I know I burned my tonkatsu… but … it is an improvement from the last one huh?

My two new Santoku!!! Sharp and super nice!!!!


My dinner tonight….. UMMM so good !!

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer

It seems that spring time is creeping up on me this year. I woke up and look out this morning and wow… it’s spring already. The days are bright the temperature is around 40s… yes I know it is still cold.. but all the snow are melting :(. Sooon I will can’t snowboard anymore. I […]


Ah… it is so nice to have my camera back. Yes… I actually got my camera back…. yeah yeah yeah!!!So… I use my returned camera to take a picture of my dinner. I made Katsudon today… no not curry katsudon like before, but actuall Kastudon. It is pretty good… but it did not look […]


Happy 元宵節… I cooked some 湯圓 with some 花生湯.

yummy 😀

Snowboarding at Snoqualmie

Yesterday, we had an Auburn Alumi Ski trip at Snoqualmie Pass. This is the first time that I went snowboarding at some place other than Mission Ridge. The day started pretty bad, it started off raining and just plain nasty. For a while, I was really worried about not finding my friends from the Auburn […]

Study on Friday night

doing some studying tonight.. but tomorrow morning… first thing … I am going to go snowboarding!!!.. yeah… A group of Auburn Alums are meeting at Snoqualmie tomorrow… so I will, for the first time,be going to a mountain other than Mission ridge. This should be fun!!! I don’t think I will be going to be […]


Oh my god… They found my camera!!!! YEAHHH YEAH!!!3k saved!!! They are still good people in this world… yeah! yeah!!!Two Day air … I should get it on Monday!!! oh.. I will be so happy!!