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I went Wii crazy…

So today Walmart opened up with lots of controllers and Wii’s.Well, since I was looking for an additional controller, I decided to go early to grab one. Yep I was at Walmart around 7:30 this morning :P. Of course, since my friends in Seattle also wanted Wii’s, I went and bought couple of Wii’s for […]

A Beautiful Day at Mission Ridge

Me at the Summit…. Nice. It was a good day of snowboarding. Lots of fast slick snow. Yes I was going really fast today 😀

Another Dream

I had another dream today….In dreams things always play out the way I wanted it to play out, but last night I was happy in my dream, but then I realized this can’t be real and then I was sad.

I think I am going to hit the slope to get a way and relax.


Friday Friday

It’s Friday… I think I am going to get a shredder tonight…. Lots of things to shred. 😀 yeah… that got to be the most fun right… spend friday night shredding stuff… what is wrong with me 🙁

Woke up from a nightmare

Well.. it has been an interesting morning so far…. but it all started from a dream or I guess it would be a nightmare. But it’s all good… I woke up took a shower and got ready for work. It is not a good way to start but I am doing ok. I changed my […]

Another Monday

It is another Monday… my Janurary is running out. This weekend was ok. Saturday I snowboarded and Sunday I studied. It is balanced. Next weekend, I will be talking my exam and I am far from ready. I am still at the verge of getting better or is this the verge of getting sick. I […]

A working/catch up Sunday

Today was suppose to be another day on the slopes… however, I decided since I could not finish all my work last night, I am going to stay home today and play catch up. :(. I got an exam coming up for my cert I got to prepare for and my two classes I got […]

Pigs and Butterfly

I love this video… it is great!!!Well, it actually fits pretty well… since the year of the Pig is coming up (Chinese New Year) … so hey dance and celebrate!!!

a beautiful white day outside

I know… I should have taken a picture… but I did not… hopefully during my break I will have a chance to go and take a picture for everyone. But today it is around 7 degrees outside right now. Yes it is cold, but it is also very very beautiful. The ground was white and […]

Slippery Snow or is it just Ice?

Well, you know, it snowed today in Ephrata. So it is beautiful outside. While I was going to mail something. I ran up to the post office and slip and I was on the ground. Don’t worry, I was not hurt, it was almost like a snowboard fall… I almost did not fall… but the […]

to get a Mac or not to get a Mac, that is the question

I been thinking about switching for a while… but for some reason I just have not moved forward with it. At first I was waiting for the mac mini. Then I was waiting for the new Intel based mac. and now I am telling myself I should wait until the new OS X comes out. […]

m-flo loves Sowelu “SO EXCLUSIVE”

So … as you all know… M-flo has been in my head day in and day out… so I can’t help but to post an english translation of one of their M-Flo loves song….

I actually started to listen to Sowelu long before m-flo… the reason was because of Full Metal Alchemist. Oh such a […]

Wii Tennis pro!!!


After many hours of tennis playing on my Wii.. I finally reach pro status!!! woo hoo!!!

I still love H.E.R. is …

… a new song from Teriyaki Boyz featuring Kanye West. 🙂

I don’t know why I am following Japanese music… but I guess it is because I don’t understand it and just looking for something different. Hey I like the rhythm and the beat.

The video is pretty cool… it is a video in youtube […]

Working and Studying…

It is an interesting experience going to school online. I am watching a lecture in my room instead of a class room. All my interaction are via the computer. The computer is such a distraction. But it is also such a wonderful tool. Speaking of which… why am I not buying a Mac yet? Please […]

I got my new cook books

I got the new cook books that I ordered last night. However, one of them was a little disappointing. I think I might sell that one off. It is the Japanese favorites. The food in there are just not as interesting as the other. It is soo cold here today… Burrr

Schedule every second of my life

so there are alot of things coming up…so I decide to put everything on the outlook calender. So my entire life is on a calendar for the next couple of months. 😀

Such a slacker

I am such a slacker sometimes… I just realized that my CCNA is about to expire and I have not got my CCNP yet. So in trying to accomplish one of my resolution. I have signed up for an exam on the 27th. So on 1/27/2007 I will be taking a cisco exam to extend […]

Holidays are over and I am home alone again

Well.. the holidays are over, I dropped my parents off at the airport this morning and now I am sitting in my duplex all alone. It has been about 3 weeks with family here now all of the sudden it is just quiet and alone… Sigh… School is about to begin so that’s good. So […]

Something out of the norm for 2007

So … I was shopping at the Federal Way’s H-mart yesterday with my parents, I ran across two cook books… they looked so neat… I decided I was going to get them. So when I went home last night… I order both books from They should be coming in soon.. I will let you […]