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Around Vancouver .. part 3


Around Vancouver… part 2


Well.. I am finally home… but just tired… still got a lot to do… I still think Vancouver is very cool.

I just love the way Canadians says Z…. Zed…. instead of Zee… 😀

pretty cute.

Around Vancouver

7-Eleven…. 😀

A view from my hotel window

I just got back from a walk around downtown Vancouver… oh my gosh.. this is such a cool town.There is just so many things about this town… I don’t know… it feels like an asian city…. pretty clean city… I found a Super H here… and also I found lots of 7-elevens… 😀 I have […]

A whole weekend of school work and today a entire day of travel. Yep … I am in Downtown Vancouver, BC right now. It is beautiful here. The city is sooo special. I love the diversity and I love the beautiful lights. I am staying on the 28th floor of my hotel. I can see […]

It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog……. these last couple of weeks has been pretty crazy… but the good news is that Auburn won last week against LSU last weekend. As for me … I am like behind on everything. next week I have been going to Vancouver, BC. I […]

Before I forget…. there are still good people in this world. Believe it or not… yesterday I got my lost keys back. After I lost my keys 4 weeks ago… I posted an ad on . It is like a craigslist for Grant county. I was hoping that someone might have picked up my […]

For the last couple of weekends… it’s been super packed… First it was the Auburn Trip for the Auburn WSU game… then it was PUD Golf Tournament weekend … and this weekend is my Seattle Trip… and next weekend is my Business trip to Vancouver, BC. September is a super busy month.

What is stupid […]