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Look at these new pictures from my new Canon 30D camera. WOW hoo 


Wow what an interesting day yesterday. Yesterday was my first experience with a rodeo and I have to say it is amazing. I took lots of pictures and hopefully I can share that experience with everyone. It is pretty amazing. The bareback riding, the bull riding and meeting all the cowboys and party people afterward. […]

Well… in a little bit I will be heading home and getting ready for another full night of picture taking… am a bit excited and a bit nervous. Well.. It is my first rodeo and I want to capture some good pictures . Wish me luck. keep an eye out for pictures coming up.

Oh my gosh!!! I broke my record last night. My record for the number of pictures taken in an event. I took around 884 pictures in the demo derby. Now granted that lot of those picture will be tossed… still it is pretty amazing. I was getting to the point that I was running out […]

More Sashimi pictures!!! … soooo good!!! 


Oh… the fish was sooo good… so yesterday I got some super fresh salmon from my roommate… so I decided to try some sashimi with the salmon. Oh my gosh….. they were sooo fresh and sooo goood.. ummumm ummm goood!!! I love it 


Yep… I finish redoing the interface and also adding some additonal pictures that I took in the past couple of month. I think I have few more left… I will try to put it in there. But I guess I am all done for now 😀

Good morning …Gosh… it is a beautiful Saturday morning and I feel like cleaning up and update my web page for the first time in oh.. maybe a year. I think most of the general format will be the same.. but I might change a few minor things, especially the photo album I think. I […]

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! and also Happy 21 years!!! Yep today marks the day my family been in the US for 21 years!!! and it is also my mother’s birthday!!! Pretty amazing huh?

Yes 21 years… it is a life time for most. For me a majority of my life is spend in the US. It […]

Miss you — M-Flo Loves Melody & Ryohei Yamamoto

A pretty cool song and a pretty cool video… I like some of the lyrics too… Sigh… just interesting… just insteresting … Boom CLAP BOOM BOOM Clap… 😉

Stupid phones…. Well… my mom’s w600i got the white screen of death (WSOD) today. Shortly afterward.. my phone got the WSOD… WTF. So after messing with it for a long time.. I finally had to reload the firmware and restart from scratch. man This sucks. I hate Cingular!!!!

so now I have a clean phone […]

Fixed version… 😛