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I’ve got few more days before my week vacation back south. I just can’t wait…. but until then I still have to take care of all the stuff at work. But I can’t wait… yep yep… going to be watching some braves baseball… yeah… Go Braves!!!

Oh my gosh… Futurama is coming back. It looks like Comedy Central will be starting to air 13 new eps. of Futurama in the 2008 season. 2008… man.. that is like 2 years away…That sucks…. but I am glad it is back. I love that show!!!


So… today, I started my MSN Space. However, I really don’t want to start one since I have my currently blog for over 4 years and with 1200+ entries. But I want the nice little * next to my name in MSN messenger everytime I post on my blog. Is there a way to do […]

Yep… I finally got some Atlanta Braves tickets yesterday!!! Woo Hoo…Yeah… I am going to go see a Braves game with my sister!!!Gosh it has been a while since I last watch baseball.. this should be fun.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

I remember just the last few days I really enjoy my stay in Seattle, and now I am just looking forward to going back to Ephrata. Part of me wants to be in the big cities, but part of me is just saying that I am not prepared and ready right now and trying to […]

It is interesting… I just realized that everytime I feel that it is a good day and I am really enjoying everything…something disappointing happens…. it is almost always true… don’t you think?

When is it bad for being a simple and nice guy? Obviously, now… so… I am kinda disappointed at myself and everything. This was a pretty good week, but today it just came to a complete stop. I am so confused and fustrated… Did I do something? I thought everything was ok and then everything […]

Well… Today is the last day of training. It has been a really good learning week in Seattle. It really makes me wish that I can stay here. But anyway… I woke up early today and drop my car off at the Infiniti dealers in Kirkland. They have positively ID the squeaks and will try […]

Training is great… I ‘ve been learning alot about Cisco Call Manager… and it is really easy to set up. Almost as easy as Asterisks.

It has been a while since my last post, but so many things has happened. Well, first of all, I want congratulate the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Rick Williams. Rick, I apologies for missing my flight and missing your wedding. I will be back to Alabama soon and I will make a trip to […]

…Don’t push me ‘cuz I’m close to the edgeI’m trying not to lose my headUh huh ha ha haIt’s like a jungle sometimesIt makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under…— Grandmaster Flash “The message“

Today, I found out that one of my good friend in Houston had a family tragedy. It is such a shocker. My heart and prayers goes out to Clayton and his family.