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Well… yesterday was pretty good. My sister and I had a lot of fun at Mission Ridge. The snow was ok… it got a bit slushy at the end of the day. My sister really got tired learning how to ski. As for me, I am getting better at snowboarding. The new board, binding, and […]

What a busy day yesterday. Well, I picked up my sister from the airport yesterday, and we drove back to Ephrata last night. Today, we are going up to Mission ridge. It seems that they got 1/2 inch of snow at Mission last night. It is not much … but better than nothing… oooooh I […]

today has been pretty cool, I been getting everything scheduled for the next couple of month. I think I can actually slip in some training this year. Whoo hoo.

I don’t usually talk about work on my blog… but lately I feel like the things I am working on will not help me in the long run. It might help me here, but it will not help me if I want to be flexable. I need to get more experience on what is hot […]

Seattle, Washington… Nice…. 

Free…. As a Bird 

Yeah… Powdered snow is soooo sweet!!!