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My parents were soooo surprised yesterday. They were really sad that I could not come home for the new year and when I showed up and surprised them they were so shocked and happy!!! it is good to spend time back for for Chinese New Year. and of course the food at home was wonderful. […]

Well, I am sitting in the airport.. waiting on my flight to Birmingham. It is so noisy here.. but it will be ok. I will be in bham shortly and then I will be home… Surprise Mom :D.Happy New Year Everyone!


Weekend is rapidly appoarching. Oh BTW .. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!Saturday is Chinese New Years Eve. This will be the Year of the Dog.

Happy New Year!!!

So… my car was soooo dirty from this past weekend’s ski trip… I can’t stand it anymore … so during lunch I went and got my car washed… now I feel much better. It is funny that I never had that problem before with my Millenia.. but with the G35x… gosh… I just don’t know… […]

It is such a beautiful day outside. I just want to go out and drive around and play. Well…It is almost lunch time… i think I will go and get my car washed.

Interesting dream last night about cameras, taking a picture with Chevy Chase and Star Trek. I can understand about the cameras and Star Trek part. That is because I been watching the entire series of the show Star Trek: Enterprise for the last coupld of weeks and last night I finally watched the last episode. […]

Today, I went snowboarding for the first time. It was alot of fun. I went to Mission Ridge, which is only about 1 hour from Ephrata. I went with my coworker Ted. We took the EASY 123 class. It sounds cheesy, but it is alot of fun. I know… I did not leave the […]

It is cold and foggy outside. I am inside working … for the last week or so I’ve been on the G35x high. But there are still times every so often that I think about Hsiu Hsiu. All of the sudden I realized that 2005 was gone… and that I can’t believe how quickly it […]

Well… Just got back from lunch… and I accidently tested my ABS breaks. I’ve also put my car in Snow mode… yes there is actually a button on my car that will change the traction computer to snow condition mode.


The G35X all-wheel-drive sedan employs a system Infiniti calls ATTESA E-TS, […]

It is snowing outside!!! wow… I had my head down working I did not even notice until I was talking to someone else on the phone and they said… it’s snowing outside.

My server had been down for couple of days. The network card went TU on me so … I finally had to time to replace it with a Wal Mart special network card. But like I said before, everything should be back up and running now.

Yikes! It’s Friday the 13th today!!!Work day just got started so… still trying to get everythings lined up for the day. But it is a wet and nasty day outside. Anyway… happy Friday!!!

It is almost silly and embarrising to admit this but I got Eyetoys: Kinetics for Xmas. So I am on a 12 weeks training program. I am hoping this will help me get in a little bit better shape by summer. so what is kinetics? Well, it is a PS2 personal trainer program. Basically, you […]

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What a sweet car!!! 

A view of my Skyline!!!! 

What is 280 hp, diamond graphite, black leather, with GPS nav system, Sat. Radio and AWD?My new 2004 Infinite G35 of course!!! 😛

I know the car is pretty dirty .. I just bought it and drove it home from Spokane.. but I just had to take a picture of it and show […]

Yeah… I just found out that I got an A on my class last semester!!! Yeah Yeah!! I will be taking another class this semester as well. Wish me luck.