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Happy New Years everyone!!

Well… it is pouring outside… and I am just loving it… I love the feel of heavy rain outside and I am safe and secure inside. Listening to the rain really relaxes me!!! Ah… suddenly I hear a thunder!!!… so relaxing… I wish it continues for a long time. I miss the southern rain. You […]

These are my friends that I was their youth leader for the chinese catholic retreat in 2001.It is good to see them again. 


Christmas Chinese Mass in Atlanta 

Well… Yesterday we spend most of the day in Atlanta. We where there for a Chinese Christmas mass. It was a lot of fun. I also got an hair cut. What is amazing is that I met some friends that I was their summer camp lead about 4 or 5 years ago. They are all […]

After a full day of travel…fighting the traffic with the xmas crowed, I am finally home. The dinner was great as usual…. I fell asleep shortly after dinner because i was just so tired. I just got up few minutes ago and I figure I should write on my blog a bit and then go […]

Well, I have checked in… I have to wait here for another hour… but guess what? I think I found another free AP. SWEET!!! The best part is this one is fast too!!! Well… I am tired… I hope I get an upgrade on this leg of the fight as well. Yes, I have an […]

It is 3:55 am and I am sitting in front of the Continental Airlines counter using a free wireless. anyway…. did not get any sleep yet because we did not get back to uncle Chen’s place until 1:30 am. By then it was too last to sleep. So I ask uncle Chen to drop me […]

I am over at a friend’s friends place for a small party and these little 17 year old kids say I look like a dad… and they challenge me in a game of Starcraft…. What the heck… They challenging me in a game of Starcraft???

Well… the game is about to start. Me vs. Two […]

We were having some snacks to day and my boss brought in some shrimps… well, Robert will chomping down the shrimps pretty rapidly so ken said..

“if you were Lt. Dan, you and Forrest would have gone broke”

I just thought that was too funny….

Let my Christmas adventure begin!!!

Well…. Today I will start my trip back home for Christmas. So here’s the plan.

1) Leave work early to head to Seattle2) Bring gifts to my friends in Seattle3) Dinner

and then the fun begins

4) Well, I have confirmed tickets for 6:10 am but I will try to […]

Johnathon Dakin and Richard Dakin. 

Last night I found out that my friend Richard Dakin’s son died. John Dakin has been battleing leukemia for a few years. For a while, his health was getting better and almost recovered, but then it declined again. John is a smart and bright young man with a lots of potential. It is very sad […]

Well, I just got back from buying a bunch of stuff for my friend’s kids for xmas. Well, I figure what better way to share the holiday spirit then to buy presents for little kids for Christmas. Today, I realized how many cheap plastic toys are out there. Don’t people make toys that last anymore? […]

I got back to Ephrata from my buddy’s wedding, here is a picture of myself, Ben, and his new bride Molly.


Well… everything went well yesterday… Today I have to head to a wedding.

Congrats Ben!!!

I am just tired today… it is so cold outside… only around 20 degrees F… and I could not get up this morning. Today will be another busy day. It will not be as busy as yesterday or tomorrow but it will still be a busy day.

I just got done with my small xmas party. It was fun about 9 people showed up. I was very busy cooking most of the time. I tried to make some fried tempuras and it was good. I had a little bit of success. It is the first time doing making it so it was […]

What a interesting night… I been studying for my exam… and I been preparing for my Christmas luncheon and the Christmas party tomorrow. I cooked some etufee etouffee for tomorrow’s luncheon. As for tomorrow night, I don’t know yet…. I think I may do some tempuras. I hope people like those. If not … I […]

Well, I just posted the PUD Christmas party pictures.Enjoy!!