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well, it is 8:09 and only 6 groups came over for candy. I bought 5 bags of candy. … humm… oh well.. it is kind of interesting… I am sitting at home by myself watching a scary movie and things are just well… ok … sigh… sigh…

I need to do something… I really do…


Happy Halloween Once again… Well.. I haven’t had any one knocking on the door yet. I bought about 5 bags of candy.. all the really good kind. The way I choice which candy to buy is by asking.. what would I want to eat.. If I am a kid today. So I bought, Snickers and […]


Halloween is always one of those fun days as a kid… I have many wonderful memories about Halloween… some includes dressing up as a wizard with my childhood friend Brad. We were all lived in a student family housing in Lafayette, LA. Trick or treating around Cajun village and going to Showbiz […]

Well… I am back from Seattle. What a wonderful weekend. Watched couple of movies and had some great food and spend some wonderful time with my friend. The more I go over the seattle the more I think about moving. Well… need to get charged up for another wonderful Monday!!!

Switching to Standard Time, today.

This really sucks… last night they switched to standard time so I gain an hour. Well, supposely I gain an hour of sleep. well… as you can see I am up bright and early. DOH!

I had alot of fun in Seattle this weekend. It was a beautiful night in […]

Pretty interesting… been working on the Packet Analyser program for school. It is alot of fun. Once again… it has been so long since I really sit down and program C. But with all the bit wise operations… it’s pretty fun. Well… I got to study some more… I would really like to take my […]

Just got done with my first Jury Duty. I did not get selected as a juror. We had 59 jurors show up and they only needed 12 + 1 alternate. I was juror 38. 38 38… ha ha ha. So my morning was there going through the jury selection. It was an interesting day… it […]

Jury Duty tomorrow. Well, tomorrow will be the first time that I will be serving my civic duty. I will be participating in jury duty tomorrow. I have never been, I don’t know how long it will take and I don’t know what it consist of … but I am sure I will find out […]

Yeah… I got my commenting system fix and added some new features..Well, the problem was I installed a spam replient last night. How it works is the smtp server waits for 25 seconds before it will respond. Well, the PHP has a small timeout as well, so the PHP timed out before the script finishes. […]

My commenting system all the sudden start having problems. I don’t know why.

It is 6:54am … I been in the office around 30 mins already. I am in early today because I have to oversee one of our technicians doing a change. It is one thing doing the change yourself. It is another have to make sure someone else do it correctly. That is the wonderful world […]

Wow… how cool… customize your own stamps. Wow… how cool is that… I’ve got to try it out this holiday!!

Wow… I was just taking my lecture and it just came to me… boy… I haven’t used uuencode in a very longtime. Do people even remember using uuencode?

I went to my first IEEE area meeting today in Spokane. It was pretty cool. The weather in Spokane was beautiful… just beautiful.. so here are some pictures. Oh also I have some pictures of couple of MICROMOUSE!!! Cool stuff!!!

Test drive went pretty well on Saturday. I did not buy a car. Why? because the ads that I was super interested in are all sold by the time I got there. That’s ok. There is always another car. so after test driving a 2005 Infiniti G35x, which is very very nice and a BMW […]

What a interesting night. Well… As usual it was Wednesday night and we went over to Jim’ place for dinner. Usually it is just Beer and Pizza, well, since recently Jim shot a big elk.. We had elk burgers last night. UMM UMM good!

Yep… then we modded Russ’s new truck. I did not know […]

Wednesday…. 10:01AM… Sitting in my cube… i am about the head out to the lab. Hey I walked to work today. You know… I should really put a execerise and walking and studying counter on my site. Maybe that will encourage me to do those things.

Give me your thoughts on that idea.


Wack wack wack… after about 45 minutes at the driving range.. I feel so much better.I still don’t like woods very much. I don’t hit it as well as the irons. Anyway… It was a beautiful day at the driving range. I had my ipod on and just listening to music and hitting some balls. […]


— 滄海一聲笑 詞/曲:黃霑Above Text is in Big5

For those who don’t understand chinese, I’ve also found a translation in english online… It is pretty good

The seas laugh, lashing on both shoresCarried in the waves, we have only the here and nowThe heavens laugh at the troubled worldOnly they know, who is to win […]

It is Tuesday afternoon already, I am looking forward to the weekend. The weather is awesome outside and I am stuck inside. The health screening today went pretty well. I need to be cautious about my weight though. Well, I guess I have heard about it from my mom and my family already. Gee… I […]