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I been feeling worsts and worsts lately. every so often I feel a little bit better but then it just gets worst. Example … I feel like crap right now.

Well… It must be just me… but it seems like the whole world in really into Podcasting. Well, today Apple just released their new Itunes. it includes Podcasting. Sweet.

so far… I still like ipodder…

Well, interesting lunch we had today. Robert, Ted, and I went to the local Mexican resturant … when we walked up to the booth, some lady across the room said to me … “excuse me … we have one more?” … Then I looked around … there were no waiters around… the lady was talking […]

I feel that I really care about her and she doesn’t feel the same way. Why am I so silly that I am here hurting and trying to understand what is going on and she doesn’t feel anything. Maybe she does, but why is she so cold? Why is she pushing everything away. Hsiu Hsiu […]

DUDE, I am a FAT ASS!!!… the picture below looks fat!!! 

Well… I was out fishing yesterday and I did not catch any fish, but I did took some pictures. I was going to go to the driving range and hit some balls today and then go fish a little more… but since this morning… my head had just been pounding. It hurt almost as much […]

I woke up this morning and my head hurts and my stomach hurts. My head hurts because of missing Hsiu Hsiu, and my stomach hurts because… I think… because I ate too much cherries yesterday. ohh…. bad idea, bad!!!

I have not update my website in a very long time. I am looking for a new format to do my blog and my website. I would like to open to suggestions….. Should I go with a more photo album look? or should I go with a blog feel? 


Well… Yesterday, I wrote about ripping NPR streams… Well.. I looked into it some more and I found that there are alot of contents on something called Podcasting. It is basically, radio content free for download. But it is just not all radio’s … there are alot of Audio blogs too. Some are just plan […]

Well… I though I would post a picture of a wild flower in the middle of no where… I was out in the field and I saw this flower… so here it is. 

It is Friday afternoon and I am the only one in the office. It is 3:49 and everyone is gone already. I still have stuff to do so … I am taking a small break and I will go back to work. So … last night I decided to work on getting some contents for […]

Everything I do now, it reminds me of Hsiu Hsiu. I think I am going crazy… I miss you soo much Hsiu….

I just looks nice doesn’t it? 

I am really liking my Ipod Photo 60 gigs right now. So here are some pictures of my new gadget toy! So how does it compare up with the Creative Zen Xtra 30 gig? Well, let me just tell you. Creative Zen has all your basic functions as a MP3 player and that is about […]

Oh … I almost forgot… Look what I got today… yep yep… I got my new toy… to cheer me up… I got myself an IPOD photo 60 gig. yeah… it is so sweet. I got it pull it out.. hook it up to my USB port on my computer, loaded the drivers and BOOM… […]

Just got back from the Batman movie with my coworkers. My friends were very nice… they were kind enough to go out on a Wednesday night and catch a movie, with me. Yeah.. I got to get out and do something… or else… I will start thinking about crazy stuff. Anyway… I had dinner with […]

I hate myself right now… everywhere I look and everything I do … I think about her. I just am not very comfortable right now.I don’t know why I just dont feel right. I fell really sad.I try not to think about it at all but the thought of not seeing her anymore disturbs me.


Why does it hurt so much… Why? Everything I do it reminds me of you. Every where I look there is something there that reminds me of you. I hurts so much…I just don’t understand why we can’t be together? why can we not work this out? It is not fair .. it is not […]

I feel really bad all yesterday… and I feel really bad all last night. I keep having dreams of quiting my job and going to Shanghai. I just feel like I lost all that I’ve been waiting for and hoping for for the last couple of years. I waited until she graduated… then she left […]

It is all over…. Now I am all alone….what can I do… I am all alone again….4 years and now I am alone ….alone and alonealone.