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Wow… Things have been so busy lately. Work have been really really busy. I have couple of project I am trying to finish up. I also have a fire I have to put out. Stupid DDOD!!!!

Anyway… Everything else is still ok. BTW I saw this article on chimeras and all I can think about […]

Wow a remake of Tron!!! WOW… Tron is one of my favorate movies. It is amazing what a wonderful job they did back in 1982. Oh … how I remember the old tron games… I love it!!! I do have mixed fillings about a remake. I mean usually a remake give on a very high […]

I was looking at some new years pictures from my friend Raymund. I was like… oh how cool how did you take those cool party pictures. He said, well, I use some 1600 iso and 3200 iso and so on and so forth. But oh darn, my 300d doesn’t support 3200 iso. But then I […]

Ah… the first post of 2005. Well, this is what I was thinking while going to work…

Ah… Snow … Beautiful… YES Ah… Snow … Cold … YES

The temperature has been hanging around 20-35 F. So it is quite cold here. However, the weather has been pretty clear.. so in the morning when the […]