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so… Couple more day until another trip back to Auburn. This will be my third trip this year. I will be there in Auburn from Saturday until Monday. It is a short trip… but I will have a chance to spend sometime with my parents and my honey.

Ouwee… Just got back from waterskiing for the first time. Ok, I wakeboarded a little bit… either way… I was pulled by a boat for the first time. I drink about a gallon and a half of green Moses Lake water, but it was pretty fun. I actually got up … for about 15 seconds. […]

Just got home from playing a little bit of golf with my co-workers. It was alot of fun. We did not really go to a real course, but that is just fine with me. Since I just started playing, Oasis park in ephrata is a really good starting course for me. With this super long […]

HAPPY SUMMER!!! Today is the first day of summer or the longest day of the year in the Northen hemisphere. That could explain why the sun comes up around 4:00 am every morning and don’t go down until 9:30 to 10:00 pm. It is not bad… you get plenty of time in the day light… […]

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

Friday!!! Good Grief… I can’t believe it’s Friday already. It seems that days fly by much quicker in Washington. Maybe time accelerate faster in Ephrata then Houston?

I don’t know why … but I been really into the old school superheros lately. Especially, the Justice League and the Green Lantern. I just think that they are so cool. I wonder if they are ever going to make a Green Lantern movie. Even if they do… they probably mess it up. Just like […]

so… I went to Subway for lunch today … and asked for a cheese steak sandwich and after asking me for what type of bread I wanted, the young lady asked me if I wanted cheese. uh…. is there such a thing as a “no cheese” cheese steak sandwich???

well… I haven’t had a good […]