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Well, after a full night of travel… from Seattle to Atlanta … and from Atlanta to Auburn… I am finally hot to Auburn, Alabama. Since everyone is in school or work today, I decided to visit couple of my friend and former boss. I visited the University Computer Hotline. That is where I use to […]

Couple more hours before my big trip back home!!! yep .. it has been almost 6 month since I went back to Auburn. I think this is the longest run of not being back to Auburn, since I graduated from college. WOW … I just can’t wait. My parents and my Fiancee are saying it […]

Wow… I just realized… My blog is 2 years old. Wow… How things has changed in two years!!! In 2002, I was in Houston, living in an apartment. In 2003, I was in Houston, living in a townhome… looking for a new job. In 2004, I am in Ephrata, living in a rented house … […]

I am ready to go home… It is Friday… and I am ready for the weekend.

I hope everyone likes my new tag board…. I promise … no more pop ups!!!

Wow… pretty cool evening… Well, my folks are back in Auburn, Alabama tonight. My little sis is back in Houston and I am in the small town Ephrata. Well, tonight was pretty cool… my coworkers had a party … A Fish Fry … to be exact. Boy that was some good Halibut. Yeah… he was […]

Wow… What a weekend. so… What did I do this weekend? Of course… My parents are in town this week and boy I’ve been eating well. So this most recent weekend we went over to Canada. In particular, we visited Vancouver, BC. First of all, this is the first time that I have ever left […]

Well, this has been a fast and busy week so far… My entire family is in town this week. They arrived in Ephrata, Wednesday night. So that means I have been eatting really well. Work is still busy… But guess what I got from the help desk yesterday? a 512 Meg USB drive. I got […]

Pop Up Sucks!!! Ok Recently, I discover that my tag board is creating pop ups. Stupid tagboard!!! So I will soon you will see my tag board be removed from the Blog page and the front page. Don’t worry, I’ve already got plans to change it to something else, but the bad new is when […]

So I did mention how nice it is outside right? So I am sitting in the front yard, with my 802.11b wireless card connecting to the internet, writing my blog. Ok you say that’s nothing new right? Yep, you are absolutely correct, but I am also listen to MP3s from my Nomad Zen Xtra MP3 […]

Wow… this is pretty cool… Blogger has change their format again. They probably changed it a while back… but life has been busy. Well, as some of you might know I am starting trying to pick up the game of golf … so because today is such a beautiful day, I decided to visit the […]