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Blog … blog … blog…. What happened to Wednesday? Well, the cool thing I did last night was I wrote some scripts to automate my photo posting. What does that mean? It means that you will see all the pictures that I’ve took in the last couple of month in the next couple of days. […]


Boy … another fun filled day … so what have I being doing lately? Well… VoIP for our ZIPP gateways!!! Whoo hoo!!! So… all you boys and girls in Grant County… go sign up and get Zipped!

Happy Mardi Gras!!! … Yep, it is that time of the year again… nope I am not doing anything special… It seems that People in Washington don’t really celebrate Mardi Gras like the people in the south. But oh well…

Hey … there is a Auburn vs Alabama Basketball game on ESPN tonight…. I hope […]

So what did I do this weekend? Well, actually I participated in a middle school math competition. It is called the Mathcounts. It is where middle school students from all over the region compete in doing math problems. I was a grader and good thing too… because there is no way that I can do […]

Well, I was cleaning up my house this weekend and I found my old HP48G+…. yeah.. I use to have a GX in college but my last year in school … I lost it .. so I ended up getting a 48G+ So what is a HP48??? Click here It is basically a high tech […]

You should always check your mail…. you never know what you mind find… like money and stuff….

So what’s going on in my life… actually lots and lots of stuff… sometimes I just wish I have some more time to write it all down on my blog. I really have been slacking on my blogs and on updating my websites. It is not like I don’t have any new pictures… actually I […]

Over the weekend … I got an interesting email from someone in France. This person in France saw my website and the picture of an elephant from Houston Zoo that I took. He ask if he can use the picture on his site… So I answered … of course…. just remember to mention my name. […]

MY Houston Home for sale!!!! Anyone???

I can’t believe it … after two years … my discussion forum is showing signs of life again ….

Wow… What an interesting night…. tonight my friend Cody invited me to a high school basketball game. Cody was doing a live audio webcast for the school. Yes, almost all the high schools around grant county are trying to do some sort of webcasting. Moses Lake High School even do live video webcasts!!! Yep, that’s […]


My little sister is one year older today!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Sometimes… I miss the big city… sometimes … I miss Houston…. This is what I missed this past weekend…. my buddy Raymund said that there were about 200,000 people in Downtown Houston before the Superbowl… Wow… and my townhome was only skip and a hop away.