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Goodness… it is so boonie out here…. I just saw a cotton tail rabbit jumping through our equipment field behind the tech shop. wow… but anyway… Hsiu Hsiu will be here in 3 more hours!!! WOO HOO!!!!…. oh and HAPPY Halloween Everyone!!!


Busy…. But the good thing is my girlfriend is coming to visit tomorrow 🙂 Whoo HOO!!!

Oh… and my internet in Ephrata is super super fast…. so all my friends… if you want me to virtual host your site for you… sure… just drop me an email and let me know.

Man… I’ve been bad… I have not updated my blog is so long… I have lots of pictures… but just have not taking the time to put them online. Work is going pretty well… I really like my new job. They really have me running all over the place… keeping me busy… and I am […]

Well, I am back from Portland… the trip home yesterday was awesome… the Northwest is truely a beautiful area. But of course, as soon as I get back home I am swamped with stuff to do. Meetings in the morning and in the afternoon… work work work…. Look around … I will post the some […]

Well… I am in Portland right now… I got here yesterday… and I worked my ass off today… yeah a entire day of data collection. I got to get a linux laptop setup so I can write some scripts to automate everything. AUTOMATION is cool. Oh and the drive from Ephrata to Portland is beautiful…. […]

I know I have not been writting much on my blog … but thing has been pretty busy here. Well, today I am going on my first business trip for the PUD. I am going to Oregon to a testing lab to test out some enviromental testing stuff for the fiber project. pretty cool stuff […]

Wanna learn about Routers and networking from famous people? well… maybe this should be the website that you should visit. Go check it out. It is pretty funny… oh and all the information as I can tell are correct.

Looky looky … Auburn University is on the news again. I remember when Auburn use to be one of the best colleges for your money… but it seems that it is not as good of a deal today. Auburn is still a good school… and it is probably still a good deal compare to some […]

Well… my local IP phone service is on its way… here is the UPS tracking number … 1Z2678450344667266 … I will let you guys know how well it works this weekend. Hey the cool thing about this is that, from what I understand, I can even use this service from work… just as long as […]

So I signed up for an IP local telco service called Packet8 for $19.95 a month… I figure … why not and I get a local number too. In a couple of days I will tell you how well it performs. But mean while… here is something else I found … it is called Skype. […]

Well, I am finally settled in and there are lots of boxes … boxes boxes all over the place…. The move was good yesterday… it is kind of weird to finally have a car again, but it is nice. Oh… and the IPTV is nice!!!! but I still have alot more work to do on […]

Woo Hoo… I just got my set-top box for my IPtv at home. and I signed up for 150+ channels of television. Oh yeah… but even with 150 + channels I probably still could not get JP sports to watch an Auburn game tomorrow. Anyway… the set top box is pretty cool, it doesn’t even […]

It is hard to believe… I’ve been in Ephrata for one week now!!! and everyday… I walk outside I say to myself…. WOW it’s a beautiful day! Here is the good news… I’ve found a place to live in Ephrata. I will be renting a place from a co worker of mine and my stuff […]

I can’t believe it is raining outside…. I mean raining in Ephrata? Wow…. I am surprised.

Well, I am here now in Ephrata for 3 days now and it is wonderful. I’ve already got a fishing license and caught a Cutthroat Trout on Lake Lenore. Oh and I have the nicest hosts you would ever meet in a B&B.; The fight from Houston was interesting, I don’t think I would want […]

Well, my house is empty… I just come back from turning in my car to the movers… I guess I am all ready to move. Anyway, yesterday was a sad day and an exciting day. It was my last day at work in El Paso. I was really hard to say good bye to everyone […]