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Humm… I also found this guys who is using a very similar idea of doing layer2 traceroute as I am. Except, I think my is a little bit better and he is using perl and I am using php.

Well, well… while looking through some websites trying to find info to improve my switch mac traceroute program, I came across a cisco page that describe a command on certain switch IOS that does a layer 2 traceroute. Just like my script. However, I tested out on our 3524/48 an the 5500 series.. and they […]

It is good to be back home… but I will have to go back to Houston tomorrow. 🙁 man… so soon?

I am about to go on my quick road trip back home. See you in 12 hours!!!!

Logo and more logos … so does anyone have any idea for a logo for my scripts???

it is open for suggestions right now. Thanks!


Hey go to these links to check out my cute little nieces. Kelly and Apple

My head hurts… I don’t know why…. ouch!! >_

It is Wednesday already… so… couple more days and I am driving back to Auburn. AND… little over 1 week college football season starts!!! I know all you Auburn Fans will be cheering for Auburn right? Oh and look for me next Saturaday night in Toomer’s coner when Auburn whoop USC’s ass! As you can […]

too much stuff to download and too little time too much stuff to download and not enough hard drive space too much hard drive space requirement and not enough money

so what’s the solution? More time? less download ?? more HD???

Rich people are so weird� During lunch, I was invited to a VIP luncheon at the Houston City Club. It is a new members introduction luncheon. Man� I feel so out of place. I think I am the only one that is under 30 years old in the luncheon. The meal was pretty good. […]

I know what’s on many people�s mind today is the big New York power blackout that started yesterday afternoon. So how does this affect me? I mean, I am way down south in Houston, Texas. Which BTW, Texas has its own power grid, and it is isolated from the rest of the nation. I guess […]

Well… Counting ports can be fun. I just got back from my port counting… I made a game out of it. Ok, First you have to locate the network closet then you try to count as fast as you can and as much as you can without writing it down. Oh and you can only […]

Well… today it is still a cooler day… the high is only going to get to 89 degrees F. My little sister is feeling a lot better now. Her fever has gone away. As for me … The first thing I have to do today is to count how many patched up connection we have […]

Today is so much cooler in Houston than before. Today even feels a little bit like fall weather… humm humm… I love it. Well, the bad news is my little sister is sick… I hope she get better soon. Everyone please pray for her. She also has her MCAT in 2 more days… eeks. I […]

I miss you Hsiu Hsiu!!!

Hello Boys and Girls… Remember the Scratch and Sniff stickers we played with as a kid? You know the little stickers that you scratch and it will smell like strawberries or coffee or even watermelon. Well… kids… they are back. look […]

My trips to Auburn in the next month … Aug 23-24 driving up to Auburn with my sister … Aug 30-Sept 1 Flying up to Auburn for Labor day and the USC game… if I can get there in time. … Sept 12-14 Going to Auburn for Hsiu Hsiu’s Birthday!!!

I love you, Hsiu Hsiu!!!


Man… I just got this link from my buddy Clayton… It is pretty cool. It is his photo website. Lots of pictures by him. Most of them are taken by his Canon S50. Recently, he just got a Canon 10D…. man… now 2 of my coworkers have 10Ds… I am beginning to feel camera envy…. […]