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I am sad…

Today is the big day… today is the day that El Paso decides to keep or remove it’s current board members. 2:00 pm is the time. Besides that…. everything is ok… I think I will finally update something on my website today. I will added some more pictures and maybe a resume and a project […]

So today is my El Paso Corp anniversary. Can you believe it? Another year has passed and I am still here. Today, I went lunch with my buddies to celebrate or try to forget about all that�s been going on, to think about what we will do from this point forward, but we ended up […]

What the heck… again? 2:30 AM … I am up to check on a network problem… anyway… thank god for wireless and vpn and a laptop… yep I am able to do everything and not get out of my bed. Now, I am going back to sleep. Good night everyone… oh … please rain …. […]

Well, It looks like I am still at work… it is Friday… but it will all be over soon.

Well… Today is Friday the 13th… there are rumors about layoffs today as well… will it be just another day? or will it be a bloody Friday the 13th???

Ok… I just remember one of my dreams from last night. I had a dream that I was dividing by zero and I was keep on getting errors. Duh… so I solved it… at least in my dream, by using a very small number instead of zero. But what does this dream mean??? What does […]

These are some amazing pictures!!! It really makes me want to buy a new digital camera. Check it out.

I like summer… in fact… I love summer… Why? Well… longer day light of course. Take today for example, only during the summer will you get a 8:30 pm sunset. So what does this mean? Well, this means that after I get off work around 5:30, I have about 3 hours of time to enjoy […]

Today is a tiring day, I moved a small tree my front yard from in front of my door to next to the other tree in my front yard. Actually it looks a lot better now. It seems like an easy task, but it actually took alot of effort. In order for me to get […]

It’s Friday!!! so I wish everyone a Happy Friday! has been pretty much the same for about a year. It has been good. It is simple and clean. And I think I finally got a good process on the photo section. But somehow, I think my site is getting old and boring… maybe I should start a redesign. The problem is that takes […]

My umbrella did not help at all. I am all dripping wet right now from the weather. Houston is interesting; we have not had rain in over a month, and all the sudden it is flooding. I hope this is not a real flood. But the good thing is tonight at the game, we will […]

Woo Hoo… two sets of tickets to the Astros!!! One set for tomorrow night and another set for Friday night. This should be fun.

Woo Hoo… AnimeSuki is back online. Yeah… stupid hackers took them out for a bit… but it looks like they are back online again!! Yeah!!!

Well, after 4 years of faithful service, last night I finally retired my freesco box. My freesco box was actually a 486 100mhz box with no cd rom drive and 32 megs of ram and a 40 meg harddrive. So in its place, I installed a D-link DI-614+ wireless router plus 4 build in switch […]

It has only been a week since I last saw Hsiu Hsiu. I talk to her every night, but still I miss her. {sigh} Long distance sucks. But anyway… it is another Monday and it is the first Monday of June 2003. We will see how this week will play out.

Well… I did not get home until 2:30 am last night. But it was ok… I caught up on my sleep this morning. As for the cold? Well.. I still have some cough but it is getting better. Oh and one more thing… I miss you Hsiu Hsiu.