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Look at me here… it is 1:03 AM on a Sunday morning and I am at work. Yes, I still have a cold but there was a midnight job, and I am on call this week. Lucky Me. One thing, I did notice, while I was driving to work last night, was that downtown houston […]

Being sick sucks… Well… I was in be most of the night last night. I slept from 6 to 9 and then from 11 to 7. I do feel a little bit more refreshed. I still have a itchy throat and a little cough though. Hopefully, I will be able to recover this weekend. I […]

Lunch was pretty good. We went to Hooters and had some wings. I was not very talkative, because I think I am coming down with a cold. But all in all, it was good to catch up with my friend Greg.

So I was at work until 11:00 pm last night…. fun huh…

Well… it looks like I did not resolve the problem. I will need to come back to the office tonight around 8:00 pm which is their 9:00 am… it is only fair since they have to stay so late at work. Well… it is all good.

I think I complain too much about everything. Yesterday, I complain about how sucky it is to get a traffic ticket, yet I do not go to court to fight it. Well… I guess I am just lazy that way. Or is it just a way the system makes it’s money… they hold your time […]

7:12 am… and I am already at work… wow… I am here early today… why? Well, because I am working with a guy in Philippines today. So it is around 8:00 pm over there. Pretty cool huh? Well… time to get to work. It seems like my blog is all about work? Why is that?


Divx in a stand alone DVD player? Yep… they have done it. It is out there now. The KiSS DVD player DP-450is it. Everything at first looks really cool and it make me want to go out there and order one now… but … with a price tag of $319 (that’s the cheapest too). I […]

Well… I was just looking at my traffic ticket that I got from Dallas County. This is how ridiculous this is � or awesome� depending on how you look at it. Well, first of all, the ticket was not hand written, it was printed from a portable printer, with the price of the ticket already […]

It is kind of interesting reading about what went on in my life a year ago. One again, I can not believe a year has passed away again. It is now 2003 and El Paso Stock is worst then ever…. I got to do something… and make a change or else… in one more year […]

Wow… what a amazing weekend. Well… Friday night, Scott, Wendy, Tom, and John came over for dinner. It was wonderful. My mom is an awesome cook. Everyone had a good time and after our guest left, My parents, my sis, my girlfriend, and I played some mahjong and I think that is when I used […]

XP is pretty cool… I finally decide to load XP on my desk top. It was a hard decision, but I think it will all work out just fine!

It’s Friday again… and it has been a pretty exciting day so far. My girlfriend came in town last night. So with my mom, dad, sis, and girlfriend, my little home is filled with life and happenings.

Remember Commodore 64? If you don’t then you are too young or not geeky enough… Ok now… imagine a commordore 64 running at 933 Mhz (which btw is faster then any computer that I own or in contact with at work) … Well, it has been done. Check it out here.

Well… I thought it was a good idea… but I guess someone else thought of it before me…. but still… it is a pretty cool device.

To me playing racquet ball is like stepping in to the construct (from the matrix), where everything else is left behind and the only thing that matters is the ball. “Get that ball to the front wall”. Anyway, I have not been back to the gym in a while and today I went there to […]

Well, one of my jobless friends pass me this website. It is pretty cool… I guess people have alot of time when they don’t have a job. I only wish I am as artistic. So go check it out….

Well, lunch was pretty good… Greg came by and picked us up for lunch. I had a good time. We went for some Vietnamese sandwiches. It was cheap and pretty good. I will have to go back there sometime.

“… there is no spoon” — the matrix “… there is no job” — the mintrix

Check out my friend’s Anime Blog… cool stuff….